AAFQ™ Ginger kidney Health Drops


AAFQ™ Ginger kidney Health Drops
AAFQ™ Ginger kidney Health Drops

You have these kidney and joint problems?

Try these AAFQ™ Powerful Ginger Kidney and Uric Acid Purifying Herbal Drops

Ginger kidney health drops  are absorbed sublingually, the ingredients act on the kidneys and gout joints through the blood, stimulate the reabsorption function of the renal tubules,  help remove excess uric acid within 2 hours, and reduce stone formation.  The fifth-generation body-modified protein repair factor pioneered by the GoOut research team, combined with cherry extract and Sorbus Melanocarpa,  helps the regeneration of kidney tissue and the dissolution of gout stones, allowing you to have healthy and strong kidneys and limbs.

Let us hear success stories from our happy and relieved customers!
AAFQ™ Ginger kidney Health Drops

“During my first gout attack, I was in so much pain that I gave up searching the internet for a cure, after seeing the  Ginger kidney health drops  I couldn’t wait to order, after  2 weeks  of use, the swelling in my finger joints was gone, and no more pain.”

–Pamela Keisler, TX, USA 

“I had gout, look at my legs, they’ve turned into this horrible look. The pain is unbearable and it is difficult to walk, which has seriously affected my life. My doctor recommended  Ginger kidney health drops  to me when I was desperate for a cure. After using it for four weeks, it really brought me a pleasant surprise. The gout stones in my legs are clearly reduced to the naked eye , there are  no more labor pains , and walking is no longer a problem. I think I would recommend it to everyone with gout!!”

– Holly Dickinson,  Vancouver, Canada

The kidneys also produce hormones that help

  • Control blood pressure
  • Makes red blood cells  External link NIH
  • Keeping your bones strong and healthy
  • Improves bone hematopoietic function
  • Improve blood circulation, lymph circulation
  • Eliminates lymphedema
  • Prevent urinary tract infections, chronic kidney disease, kidney stones

AAFQ™ Ginger kidney Health Drops

Kidney symptoms are not healthy

Signs and symptoms of CKD can develop over time if kidney damage progresses slowly. Loss of kidney function can cause increased fluid or waste products, electrolyte problems, and lymphedema, among other things. Depending on the severity, loss of kidney function can result in:

The main ingredients that make Ginger kidney health drops so effective

Cherries: Queen of Fruits with Strong Antioxidant Effects

Cherry extract:

Cherries are found to contain high concentrations of anthocyanins 1 and 2, while other fruits usually only have one type of anthocyanin. Cherries also contain bioflavonoids and antioxidants, which make them a super fruit for fighting gout. Bioflavonoids have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, and  the antioxidants in cherries can help prevent uric acid build-up.  All these combinations make cherries an ideal natural remedy for gout.

These ingredients have the effect of reducing swelling and lowering uric acid levels in the blood. A lower level of uric acid in the blood means that the workload of the kidneys will decrease, and the amount of uric acid produced will also decrease, and eventually, no uric acid crystals will form. Continued intake will restore normal uric acid levels and dissolve uric acid crystals, allowing you to get rid of gout pain.

  • Clinically Tested With 5 Kidney Therapeutic Properties
  • Alleviates and cures kidney diseases quickly such as gout, polycystic kidney disease, nephritis, and kidney failure

GoOut® Powerful Kidney Support & Uric Acid Cleansing Herbal Drops

Key Features of Ginger kidney health drops

Revitalizes kidney function
As it stimulates blood and accelerates lymph circulation, this prevents any accumulated damage from the kidney & revives its function.
Helps to detoxify the kidneys from harmful toxins due to risks & wrong lifestyle habits.
Improves overall body Health
It relieves tiredness, fatigue, and itchiness while increasing circulation which provides energy, & strength!
Natural & safe 
We combine powerful herbs to help support kidney health: Polygonatum, Hippocampus Animal, Dried Angelica, and Epimedium.
Get rid of gout stones
Helps eliminate uric acid in the body and prevent stone formation. And effectively dissolve joint stones. Relieves gout problems

Way to use:

  • Use the dropper to absorb 1-2ml under the tongue (measuring tag in the dropper), 3 times a day.
  • It is not recommended to exceed 7 ml dose in a day.

Package Includes: 1 x AAFQ™ Ginger kidney Health Drops

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