AAFQ™ PETS EYE DORPS is committed to solving various eye problems of pets and resolving the concerns of owners.

AAFQ™ PETS EYE DROPS is a product specially designed for pet eye health and has multiple functions. First of all, it can effectively remove tear stains around the pet’s eyes, improving the pet’s appearance while also enhancing the pet’s overall comfort.

Additionally, this eye drop can be used to treat a variety of eye inflammations, including conjunctivitis and keratitis. It’s professionally formulated to relieve eye discomfort and pain and aid in your pet’s eye recovery. What’s more, AAFQ™PETS EYE DORPS also has the ability to prevent eye diseases, providing pets with comprehensive eye care to ensure their eyes remain healthy and clear. This eye drop is suitable for all types of pet eye health treatments, providing pets with comprehensive eye care and comfort.

AAFQ™PETS EYE DORPS use pure natural herbal ingredients to ensure the safety and mildness of the product, reduce the risk of allergies, and are specially designed to treat pet eye problems. This innovative formula helps treat and prevent inflammation, congestion, and other symptoms of eye tissue while promoting eye recovery.

At the same time, unlike other products, AAFQ™pets eye dorps go beyond symptomatic treatment and work to address the root cause of eye problems to reduce the risk of recurrence. So no matter what eye problem your pet is facing, AAFQ™pets eye dorps are your reliable choice. Help your pet regain bright eyes and regain a comfortable and happy life. Choose AAFQ™ pets eye dorps to provide the best care for your pet’s eye health.
AAFQ™ Pet Eye Drops are a natural, herbal formula specially formulated to treat conditions such as red, itchy eyes, severe tear stains, dacryocystitis, blepharitis, conjunctivitis and keratitis. Our formula is designed to treat a variety of eye problems in pets with eye drops that repair the eyes, reduce inflammation, and reduce the recurrence of various eye inflammations. AAFQ™ Pet Eye Drops can help treat a variety of eye problems in your pet within four weeks.

AAFQ™PETS EYE DORPS has the following product:

How to use?

  1. Hold your pet’s head with your hands and hold it in place. Avoid dripping on the outside
  2. Separate the upper and lower eyelids of your pet’s eyes, slowly squeeze the drip port 3-5cm away and drip into the eyelids.
  3. Take three to four drops each time, twice a day
  4. After dripping, continue to fix your pet’s head with your hands to prevent the residual liquid from overflowing. After one minute, take an appropriate amount of wet wipes and wipe around the eyes from the inside out.


  • AAFQ™pets eye dorps 12ml/0.41fl.oz(1/2/4/6/8 Bottles)
  • Origin: United States
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