Absorbent Pet Bathrobe

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🐕Keep your pets from leaving water splashes and trails around the house with this fast-drying pet bathrobe!🐾

This super absorbent bathrobe effectively sucks up all liquids that stay from your pet’s fur in a breeze! Making your cats or dogs dried up after taking a bath, swimming or rain walks without the need to chase them with a towel or blower. It is completely soft and breathable to keep your furry friend comfortable wearing it even after an extended period of time. The bathrobe also features an adjustable collar and velcro fastener to give them a tight, yet unrestrictive fitting. It won’t easily slip off even when your pet plays or runs around!

This fast-drying bathrobe can be also used as a cute pajama or coat to keep your pet warm and cozy without sacrificing style! Ideal when you go out for a walk, travels, car rides, parks, beach, swimming, and so on. No worries as the bathrobe can be cleaned easily using a machine or by hand. It is available in 3 sizes, suitable for smaller cat and dog breeds to bigger ones!

🐈Get your lovely pets dried off in no time with this absorbent bathrobe! 🐩


  • Super Absorbent Pet Bathrobe 🐾
    This amazing pet bathrobe features coral fleece fabric that offers a quick water absorption. Allowing your furry friend to dry off shortly after taking a bath, swimming or playing in the rain! Furthermore, it also helps to prevent them from rubbing their wet furs all over the house and keep them from getting cold or odors.

  • Comfortable to Wear 🐾
    The drying coat is completely soft and breathable so you can wrap it on to your pet without giving them discomfort. It has an adjustable velcro fastener which allows you to find the perfect fitting that will satisfy your cute dogs or cats. What’s more? This bathrobe comes with a collar that can be worn vertically or in a turn-down. It is also freely adjustable so it can snug to your pet’s neck circumference without being restrictive.

  • Multifunctional Pet Cover 🐾
    This bathrobe is not only for drying off, but it also helps to keep your beloved pets from running around, leaving droplets everywhere! Preventing your rugs, sofas, floors, furniture and carpets from getting wet and to avoid any slipping incident. Additionally, the bathrobe can be also used as a pajama or a coat that they can snuggle up to. Providing them warmth and comfort, especially during colder or rainy seasons. Perfect when you go out with your best buddy for a walk, travels, swimming, car rides, parks, beach and so on.

  • Easy to Clean 🐾
    Its fabric is fast-drying and it can be cleaned easily using a machine or even by hand. No worries as the pet bathrobe is durable so it can wash without damaging or discoloration.
  • Various Sizes 🐾
    This cozy bathrobe is available in 3 sizes that will fit smaller cat and dog breeds to bigger ones! Suitable for chihuahua, daschund, pugs, poodle, retrievers, huskies, persian, munchkins, bengals and more possibilities!
  • Material: Coral fleece
  • Size:

  • 1 x Absorbent Pet Bathrobe

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Absorbent Pet Bathrobe
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