AccuBean Magnetic Slimming Ear Patch 600pcs

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AccuBean Magnetic Slimming Ear Patch 600pcs

Achieve a healthy and slimmer body effortlessly with this AccuBean Magnetic Slimming Ear Patch!

This sliming earring combines the Integrating traditional acupressure and modern science for an effortless weight-loss journey and general health improvement.

It utilizes three advanced technologies: Magnetic acupressure, Far infrared aurisonic technology and negative ionization that not only helps induce weight loss, it can also speed up the basal metabolic rate, increases energy levels, effectively promotes better sleep, reduces stress, improves circulation and many possible benefits.


  • MAGNETIC ACCUPRESSURE. Produces a pulsating acupressure on the ears that suppress the appetite and improve the general cardiovascular health and circulation.

  • SPEEDS UP METABIOLISM. Far-Infrared pulsation effectively raise the Basal Metabolic Rate, speeding up the metabolism by 20 to 30%. It creates an effective metabolic state that burn calories and fats effectively.
  • IMPROVES GENERAL HEALTH. Its Negative ions boosts our general energy, relieves stress and alleviate depression by enhancing our mood. Negative Ions are very healthy and necessary for the improvement of general health.
  • SAFE AND HEALTHY. In traditional oriental therapies, ear acupuncture is physical stimulation therapy, that are absolutely safe and healthy.
  • EASY TO USE. Just peel off the tape and stick it on the auricular point, and press the place frequently to stimulate the acupuncture point.
  • CARRY IT ANYWHERE. Light and portable, so they can be easily placed in your pocket, purse or bag, it can be used anytime, anywhere.


  1. Clean Ears
  2. Put the ear seed on the ear points
  3. Press to stimulate acupuncture points at any time

Ear patch use time: 1-2 days in summer need to be replaced, 3-5 days in winter is appropriate; rest for two days before attaching


  • Material: Cowherb Seed
  • Size: About 8.4 x 5.3 x 0.5cm


  • 600 pcs. AccuBean Magnetic Slimming Ear Patch
AccuBean Magnetic Slimming Ear Patch 600pcs