Acne Patches


Acne Patches

“Have been using her family this, quite good, but also very invisible, after cleansing, squeezing through the pimple after sticking it, I am sleeping a night the next day can see there are white things attached to the acne sticker, but also good, a one-time stockpile a lot, otherwise usually go to the store to buy will be a little bit expensive, haha, to take advantage of the activities of the purchase of the appropriate”

“I had so much acne on my face that I desperately needed a product to save it, and my visits to the doctor didn’t help! Until I found it! The swelling of the pimple is visibly reduced after applying it and it doesn’t leave a mark. The texture is light and breathable and very comfortable to use. I have been using it for a few days and the results are very noticeable. Highly recommend it to everyone!”

“Strong suction, invisible effect can be, recommended to get, dry skin use, uncovered without a sense of tearing, will not redden, will not harm the skin barrier, can suck out the medium amount of pus, need to use the second sticker, skin wound compared to natural healing faster, will not form acne marks, is a multi-functional acne sticker”

“Very good use opened the door to a new world adsorption ability is very strong will not cause discomfort to the skin is very close to the paste after a beautiful night’s sleep The next day when the acceptance of the suction out of the pimple in the whiteheads and pus are all sucked out the size and thickness of the humanized can be based on the size of their own pimples to choose and a lot of completely enough to use the price is very cost-effective love love love love!”

“Very healthy products, is medical, quality assurance, use in the face is very comfortable, but also more at ease before going to bed to paste in the place where there is acne, the next morning will be able to beans inside the dirt sucked out, and there is a restorative effect, do not have to worry about leaving acne marks at all.”

When you have a larger pimple, Acne Patches can help. Use it on body or face acne – it gently absorbs the pimple in one go. Prepare the skin Clean and dry the acne area

VIRTUALLY UNDETECTABLE. Clear, matte, and seamlessly tapered,  effortlessly blends into any skin tone. It’s so comfortable, you’ll forget it’s even there.

MEDICAL GRADE. Made with the highest quality medical-grade hydrocolloid that gently pulls out all the gunk trapped in your whitehead. All-natural, non-irritating, and totally skin-safe.

KEEPS YOUR ZIT UNDER WRAPS. Shields acne from popping, picking, and squeezing to help prevent scarring and infection. Stronger adhesive means it won’t budge, no matter what.


1. Prepare your skin. Cleanse and dry pimple area
2. Patch the pimple. Leave it on for 6-8 hours.
3. Watch it work. Peel off when patch turns white.


* Gently absorbs pimple gunk in 6-8 hours
* Shields skin from popping and picking
* Visibly shows it’s working
* Works great on whiteheads
* Suitable for sensitive skin
* Made from medical-grade hydrocolloid

Package Included:
1 X  Acne Pimple Patch


For external use only. Stop using and ask a doctor if irritation occurs. Keep out of reach of children. Always read the label and follow directions for use. Single use only. Store below 30 C.

Store below 30 C.

Always read the label and follow the directions for use. Your blemish hero
Suitable For: Acne, pimples

Product Claims: Gently absorbs pimple gunk in 6-8 hours. Shields skin from popping and picking.

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Acne Patches
Acne Patches
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