ActiveScalp Hair Regrowth Essence Intensive Spray

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ActiveScalp Hair Regrowth Essence Intensive Spray


People typically lose 50 to 100 hairs a day. This usually isn’t noticeable because new hair is growing in at the same time. Hair loss occurs when new hair doesn’t replace the hair that has fallen out so it is important to keep the scalp healthy for hair growth. 

Our ActiveScalp Hair Regrowth Essence Intensive Spray helps to repair scalp and hair follicles. Not only prevent hair loss and thinning but also make hair regrow. With the ActiveScalp Hair Regrowth Essence Intensive Spray bring silky and glossy hair back to life. 


🚩Hair Growth Treatment 

ActiveScalp works naturally activating dormant hair follicle germ tissue on the scalp, promoting rapid growth and nourishment of hair. Ginseng is one of the key ingredients which helps to prevent the death of cells. It is able to help stimulate circulation in the scalp and increase the flow of blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the hair follicles. 

🚩Prevent & Reduce Hair Loss

Hair loss is the most common cause of baldness. Our ActiveScalp helps nourish the roots of the hair to prevent hair thinning and breakage. ActiveScalp contains ginger extract which helps promotes blood circulation and improve scalp condition. 

🚩Improves Scalp Health 

Prevents clogging of pores and reduces scalp dandruff or flaking. Leaving hair fresh and supple.

🚩Replenish Nutrition

ActiveScalp contains many herbal plant essences that are helpful in preventing hair loss and promote regeneration. It provides extra nutrition and oxygen that hair follicles need. 

🚩Natural & Non-irritating Ingredients

Our ActiveScalp contains Chinese herbal extract ingredients that can promote the healthy development of hair and scalp to make the hair look thicker and fluffy. 

  • Ginger – Help improves scalp condition and prevents hair loss. 
  • Ginseng – Help stimulate circulation in the scalp, increase the flow of blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the hair follicles. 
  • He Shou Wu – Popular herbal remedy in traditional Chinese medicine to prevent grey hair. 

🚩Easy To Apply

ActiveScalp comes in easy-to-use spray form. Able to see noticeably thicker hair after using it continuously.

🚩How To Use: 

1. Wash and dry your hair before apply

2. Spray ActiveScalp to the root of scalp and gently massage it.

3. Apply it twice a day.

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