Acufy Lower Back Stretcher

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Exhausted from constant aching back pain?

  • Do you have¬†poor posture¬†and¬†weak back muscles?
  • Do you always have a¬†stiff back?

Did you know back pain is one of the top causes of repeat doctor visits? Acufy Back Stretcher and Massager is a unique and compact multi-level stretcher that helps to immediately relieve pain from tight muscles, excessive flexion, and poor spinal alignment.

Using the power of gravity, Acufy Back Stretcher restores the natural curves of the back. Say goodbye to expensive surgery and long doctor visits. Treat yourself in the comfort of your home and fix back pain in less than 10 minutes!


Acufy Back Stretcher perfectly molds to your backs natural curves to effectively realign & support your vertebrae. Regular use can correct posture, alleviate headaches, relieve back aches, eliminate discomfort, and increase flexibility. Use it on your bed, office chair, or anywhere!

  • 18 acupoints¬†deeply massages¬†back
  • Strengthen¬†your lower back muscles
  • 3 modes allow for a¬†relaxing stretch
  • Super comfortable & easy to use
  • Increases¬†circulation¬†of¬†nutrients

Anyone with back pain knows how much physiotherapy, chiropractors, surgery, and massages can cost. Now you can enjoy a lifetime of relief for a fraction of the cost!


Back pain arises due to decreased space in vertebrae discs. This causes decreased blood flow and pinched nerves. Spinal discs need oxygen & nutrients called proteoglycans to heal.

Our device gently stretches the body upwards so your lower back muscles relax. This decompresses the spine, increases circulation of fresh nutrients, and relieves tension immediately. And unlike massages, this is a long term fix. Over time muscle memory will kick in keeping your back healthy and strong!

Using the back stretcher is simple. Choose 1 of 3 modes, lay on the arc, relax for 5 minutes, roll off the side, and voila. You’ll be amazed how good it feels!


Relieve Shoulder & Back Pain: The best long term way to prevent back pain is to keep your muscles fit and flexible. Our device is engineered to strengthen your back, joints, tendons, and ligaments.

Improve Posture: Posture is fixed by keeping muscles in the upper/lower back neutral. When you lay on the arc, gravity pushes your body to stretch out and upwards. This resets spinal alignment.

Reduce Stress & Relax: We built 88 acupoints into the stretcher! Your muscles sink into them which increases vertebrae space and boosts overall blood flow. This not only feels great but is awesome for back health.

A Quick Long-Term Fix: One of the best aspects of the Acufy Back Stretcher is it’s durable and you only need to invest once to get long-term benefits! We guarantee you will be walking taller and more confident with better back health.

Acufy Lower Back Stretcher