Acupoint Circulation Lymphvity Slimming Wrist Brace


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“I gained about three kilos in just an entire week of Christmas feasts and catching up with friends and family. Now that the festivities are over, it’s time I slim down and get back to shape. I tend to swell a lot with the food I eat. However, not only do these wrist braces have a nice compression to keep my blood pumping and prevent clots, it also helps me detox. It was able to help me build  muscle and ease the pain on my wrist as I deadweight. Now, I’m able to lift fifty kilos without fearing my wrists would break!” –Anton, 45, Compton

Acupoint Circulation Lymphvity Slimming Wrist Brace

“Weight loss and water retention has been one of my greatest hurdles to losing weight. I’ve tried all the gadgets and trends but those yield minimal to no changes at all. However, these wrist braces help keep my blood pumping which really reduces the chances of my lymph nodes swelling. I was detoxing quicker by expelling excess fluids by sweating more while working out which helped me drop pounds faster than any dieting or heavy exercise. I can feel my energy levels increase and sustain even on extremely stressful days. All in all, these wrist bands are a must buy!” –Alissa, 35, Georgia

What is the Lymphatic System? 

What is Magnetic Physiotherapy?

Acupoint Circulation Lymphvity Slimming Wrist Brace

Magnetic therapy is a physical therapy during which the body is exposed to a low-frequency magnetic field. Cells and colloidal systems in the body contain ions that can be affected by magnetic forces. Round magnetic points are located in the palm of the Acupoint wrist brace. Made with magnets that increase metabolism, ease pain and weariness, reduce leg cramps, and promote blood flow.

Acupoint Circulation Lymphvity Slimming Wrist Brace

Acupuncture for Weight Loss and Detoxification

Advocates of acupuncture for weight loss believe that acupuncture can stimulate the body’s energy flow (chi) to impact factors that can reverse obesity such as increasing metabolism. reducing appetite. Acupuncture can help with weight loss by regulating hormone production, improving metabolism, optimizing digestion, reducing inflammation, suppressing the appetite, lessening water retention, and optimizing other bodily functions that are related to obesity and weight loss. Acupuncture can influence two hormones that aid in weight loss: By stimulating these two hormones, acupuncture can curb your cravings and appetite, improve digestion, and boost your metabolism.

How does AcuFlex™ AcupointCirculation Lymphvity SlimmingWrist Brace work?

Say goodbye to your wrist pain, without compromising quality or comfort, our compression wrist brace is changing the landscape in the field of compression brace by matching quality, quantity, and pricing.  The palm part has a magnet stone design, they keep your thumb and wrist fresh throughout the day by providing a mild squeezing action to support.

Acupressure can help control appetite, improve digestion, and increase metabolism by applying pressure to specific points in the body. The following are the commonly used acupressure points for weight loss our brace can do.

Neiguan, also known as Inner Gate, can promote gastric motility and prevent digestion disorders. It is located in the middle of the wrist, about two finger widths below the palm.

गैस और ब्लोटिंग के लिए 5 एक्यूप्रेशर पॉइंट

The Shenmen point, also known as Spirit Gate, can be used to help calm your mind and resolve emotional symptoms. It also helps with the circulation of blood throughout the body. It is located on the radial side of the flexor carpi ulnar tendon, at the end of your wrist crease when your palm faces upward. 

Acupoint Circulation Lymphvity Slimming Wrist Brace

Stimulates Lymphatic System Through Wrist Brace

By stimulating points on the palm, a reflexologist can enhance lymphatic drainage, increase blood circulation, reduce localized discomfort, and calm the entire body by relieving tension. By activating the lymphatic system, a reflexologist can aid in the body’s “detoxification” and decrease edema.

Wow! The Acupoint Circulation Lymphvity Slimming Wrist Brace really does it All!

Yes it does! It is made from medical-grade silicone which is perfect for those with sensitive skin and healing wounds. It targets fat and weight loss without changing much of a person’s pre-existing diet. Additionally, it helps with increasing mobility to injured and atrophied muscles.  It is:

Acupoint Circulation Lymphvity Slimming Wrist Brace

  • Helps decrease the duration of lymphatic swelling 10x faster than traditional methods such as dieting and waiting it out
  • Decreases weight 10x faster and more efficiently than traditional methods, diets, and exercises
  • Bolsters your body’s natural detoxing process through the expulsion of excess fluids and water weight through inducing intensified sweating
  • Improves your body’s oxygenation by improving blood circulation, thus giving your organs ample and oxygen for optimal performance
  • Helps you lose weight fast without changing much of your diet and lifestyles
  • Improves blood circulation to prevent potentially deadly blood clots
  • Improves facial muscle
  • Decreases the signs of aging such as sagging, fine lines, and wrinkles
  • Decreases sagging after weight loss
  • Relieves wrist and hand pain
  • Relieves muscle pain


  • Material: Medical Grade Silicone
  • Target Age: All Ages
  • Target Audience: Men, Women, General
  • Applicable Body Parts: Hands, Wrists
  • Applicable Conditions: Lymphatic Swelling, Obesity, Overweight. Wrist Pain, Muscle Pain
  • Effects: Muscle Pain Relief, Anti-Swelling, Weight Loss, Water Repulsion, Expells water weight. Decreases Body Fat Percentage, Increases Muscle Mass

Package Includes

  • Acupoint Circulation Lymphvity Slimming Wrist Brace

Acupoint Circulation Lymphvity Slimming Wrist Brace
Acupoint Circulation Lymphvity Slimming Wrist Brace
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