AEXZR™ Acupressure Thermal Neck Device


Say goodbye to the hassle of layering up and welcome the warmth with our revolutionary AEXZR™ Acupressure Thermal Neck Device. Designed to deliver comforting heat directly to your body’s vital points, this innovative device is your key to staying warm and cozy during the coldest winter days. 

Tired of bundling up in layers of clothes just to stay warm? The AEXZR™ Acupressure Thermal Neck Device takes the hassle out of winter warmth. Simply wear it around your neck, and let the heat embrace you without the need for multiple layers.

The Acupressure Thermal Neck Device harnesses cutting-edge technology to provide a scientific approach to winter comfort. At its core, this innovative device employs targeted thermotherapy by strategically embedding heating elements. These elements emit infrared radiation, a form of electromagnetic energy that deeply penetrates the skin, promoting localized vasodilation. This process increases blood circulation, enhancing oxygen and nutrient delivery to the treated areas. The result is a scientifically backed mechanism that not only delivers warmth but also optimizes physiological responses, contributing to an overall sense of well-being.

AEXZR™ Acupressure Thermal Neck Device has the following product features:


  • Material: ABS
  • Rated Power: USB Charging
  • Color: Black, Red

Package Includes: AEXZR™ Acupressure Thermal Neck Device

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AEXZR™ Acupressure Thermal Neck Device
AEXZR™ Acupressure Thermal Neck Device