AgelessLook – Hair Darkening Stick (Buy More Save More)

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AgelessLook – Hair Darkening Stick(Buy More Save More)

Naturally reverse grey hair with our AgelessLook Hair Darkening Stick in seconds!

Black beans and mulberries, the 2 medically proven natural hair darkening agents, are specially formulated in our solution to instantly darken grey hair in short term; while stimulating the production of melanin in your hair and pigmenting hair follicles for long-term fix.

According to our clinical trial*, 100% of participants witnessed an instant darkening of hair after applying, while 150%~315% increase of new black hair growth was recorded after consistent application of 3-5 weeks.

*Based on 150 independent user trials aged from 50~87 years old.


  • Instant & natural way for hair darkening
  • Medically proven solution to grey hair with no chemicals
  • Innovative herbal blend of black beans & mulberries
  • Clinically proven to record 150~315% increase of new black hair growth
  • Stimulates the growth of melanin and pigments hair follicles
  • Nourishes hair roots for overall improvement
  • Non-irritating and applicable to all hair types


  • Instant Darkening: Simply apply on grey hair and wait for 3 minutes to dry when necessary.
  • Long-Term Darkening: Apply all over on scalp and hair. Wait for 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Apply twice a week.


Color: Black (For darker hair tone) / Brown (For light hair tone)

Size: 20 ml


1x AgelessLook Hair Darkening Stick

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AgelessLook – Hair Darkening Stick (Buy More Save More)
Original price was: $37.96.Current price is: $18.98. Select options