AirOmn™ Smart Multipurpose Air Compressor


AirOmn™ Smart Multipurpose Air Compressor – Jump Starters – Battery Charging Systems 🛞

😔A flat tire on your way to an important meeting or during a vacation trip can be incredibly frustrating.

Picture this: you’re on a family road trip, and suddenly, a flat tire threatens to derail your plans.

With our ultra-compact electric air pump, you can be back on the road in just 3 minutes, ensuring you never miss that crucial meeting or spoil your long-awaited road adventure.

This portable device isn’t just a tire inflator; it’s a 4-in-1 lifesaver that includes a car jump starterpower bank, and a powerful LED light source for those tricky night-time situations!

😊Real Testimonials💯:

How Our Versatile Pump Impacts Our Customers’ Lives!

 – Harvey D. 🛡️Verified Buyer

“The AirOmn tire inflator saved my family road trip. Easy to use and quick, it got us back on the road in no time. A must-have for any car owner.”

 – Keegan R. 🛡️Verified Buyer

“Stranded with a flat bicycle tire during a trail ride, the air compressor in my backpack got me home safely. Lightweight and compact â€?a trail essential!”

 – Bennett K. 🛡️Verified Buyer

“The AirOmn™air compressor with LED lighting was a game-changer on a dark, rural road. The LED light provided ample illumination for a hassle-free tire fix.”

Here’s why our electric air pump stands out🏆:>Inflation Powerhouse: Rapidly replenishes air in just 3 seconds, powered by AI for efficient charging at 30,000 r/MIN.

🔋Stellar Battery Life: Equipped with a Tesla-grade ternary lithium battery, it can stand by for an entire year â€?always ready when you need it.

💪Superior Quality: Built to last with imported power cells and an AI control chip for safety without compromising your car.

🎯Accurate Pressure Measurement: Temperature control cooling ensures precise readings every time.

But it’s not just for cars:

🚗Car Jump Starter: Low on battery? No problem. Use it as a car jump starter, compatible with a 3m cigarette lighter wire for easy charging.

🔌Power Bank Capabilities: Functions as a power bank for on-the-go charging of mobile devices.

🌐Multi-purpose: This pump is perfect for inflating a variety of items including motorcycles, bicycles, balls and more.

And the surprises keep coming:

🚨Emergency Lighting: Stuck in the dark? Our pump features LED lighting, making nighttime inflation a breeze.

And the features don’t stop there:

span>Durable Tube: The 4-layer gas-filled tube is anti-freezing, explosion-proof and wear-resistant. With its quality nylon braided design, it’s been tested for durability.

🖥span>HD Digital Display: Set your desired tire pressure and let the pump do the rest. It automatically stops once the preset pressure is reached.

🛡span>Multi-Protection: Advanced safety features include protection against over voltage, high and low temperatures, short circuit, reverse charge, and overcharging â€?a reliable choice for all your inflation needs.

These include protections against over voltage, high and low temperatures, short circuit, reverse charge, and overcharging, making it a reliable choice for all your inflation needs.

How to Use?

Product Specifications

  • Product brand: AirOmn™
  • Charging input voltage:12V
  • Operating voltage:1 V
  • Length of outer air pipe: 100MM+10MM
  • Operating temperature: -20℃~60
  • Product size:185x85x55mm
  • Main device weight:650g

Package includes:


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AirOmn™ Smart Multipurpose Air Compressor
AirOmn™ Smart Multipurpose Air Compressor
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