Amazing Remote Controlled Car Watch

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Amazing Remote Controlled Car Watch


Are you ready for a new adventure? Earn the title of best mom or best dad with a gift that’s not only fun for kids, but spectacular enough to blow your minds! It’s a watch that doubles as a remote-control car, it can’t possibly get any cooler than that!

Toys help your child develop healthy learning habits and encourage imaginative play, this interactive game helps develop your child’s eye coordination, motor skills, and balance ability.

Why get yours:

  • Coolest watch ever: A remote-controlled car housed in a special wristwatch design that your kids can control from their hands! It features a plush car that fits comfortably on their wrist and allows children to operate it from any angle, forward or backward, with incredible speed in pocket size!
  • Interactive toy: This animated toy is an excellent tool for developing children’s hand-eye coordination, balance ability, visual perception, and motor skills. This is fantastic for kids who learn by playing, and if they enjoy themselves, they will be excited to learn more about technology.
  • Long-lasting: Single and convenient USB Charging lasts for hours, you don’t have to worry about batteries giving out during playtime!

There isn’t a more awesome gift you can give to your child, we can bet you on that!

Surprise your little one with the most unique and fun toys, not only for the most exciting playtimes ever but also for them to learn new skills along the way. Get the Remote-Controlled Car Watch for your kids today!

Package Includes : 1 Mini Racer, 1 Watch Controller, 1 USB cable

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Amazing Remote Controlled Car Watch
Amazing Remote Controlled Car Watch
Original price was: $79.99.Current price is: $39.99. Select options