ANGUL™ Peptide Ion Detox Necklace


ANGUL™ Peptide Ion Detox Necklace
ANGUL™ Peptide Ion Detox Necklace

The reasons for blockage in the lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is a network composed of tissues, vessels, and organs that work together to transport a colorless, watery fluid called lymph back into the circulatory system (blood). Lymphatic blockage refers to the obstruction of lymphatic vessels, which are responsible for draining fluid from tissues throughout the body and enabling immune cells to reach where they are needed. Lymphatic blockage can lead to lymphedema, which is the swelling or enlargement of tissues.

ANGUL™ Peptide Ion Detox Necklace

Research has revealed magnetic methods for lymphatic drainage.

Magnetic therapy realigns the electromagnetic charges within the body cells, promoting self-repair, which benefits the lymphatic system. The magnetic field alkalizes tissues and releases oxygen from its bound state back into the molecular state for healing. It can also significantly reduce lymph node swelling and decrease excess lymphatic fluid by 60%.


ANGUL™ Peptide Ion Detox Necklace

Magnetic field therapy utilizes different types of magnets on the body to aid in promoting overall health. Researchers have indicated that gentle magnetic fields can lead to minimal vasodilation or vasoconstriction within the body, increasing blood flow and suppressing inflammation, which is a crucial factor in the healing process.

How to combine acupressure massage with our product

Acupressure massage works by stimulating specific acupoints to regulate the body’s energy flow, promote overall balance and harmony, improve microcirculation, increase oxygen and nutrient supplyaccelerate waste elimination, reduce water retention, and optimize other body functions related to obesity and weight loss.

ANGUL™ Peptide Ion Detox Necklace

The weight loss effects of acupressure massage have been proven.

Medical experts believe that the human body possesses a system of meridians that run throughout the body and connect with internal organs. Qi (vital energy) and blood are crucial substances for maintaining overall health. Massaging acupoints can stimulate the movement and flow of qi and blood, promoting their ample supply and elimination. By stimulating nerve endings, it generates a conduction effect that regulates hormone secretion and balance. This adjustment affects various functions of the body, such as metabolism, digestion, and endocrine system, thereby improving metabolic functions and reducing weight.

What is titanium ion therapy?

ANGUL™ Peptide Ion Detox Necklace

Titanium ion therapy was developed by Dr. Michael Roy Davis in the 1970s. He studied the different impacts of positive and negative charges on the biology of the human body. Davis claimed that titanium ion energy can kill malignant cells, alleviate arthritis pain, and improve blood circulation.

How it works

The ANGUL™ Mineral Detox Necklace is the latest medical technology. The necklace is magnetized at 55 mT with a 10mm interval, alternating in the directions of the North and South Poles. This allows the TitaniumION energy of the entire bracelet to spread its effects to a wide area, improving metabolism, increasing heart contraction, dilating blood vessels, and stimulating blood flow. It helps in adjusting the body’s functions related to metabolism, digestion, and endocrine system.

ANGUL™ Peptide Ion Detox Necklace

Activate the human energy field, regulate bioelectric currents, promote blood vessel dilation, improve blood circulation, relax the body and mind, thereby achieving weight loss effects.

ANGUL™ Peptide Ion Detox Necklace

What makes the ANGUL™ Mineral Detox Necklace the best choice?

✅ Powerful Titanium Ion Therapy and Magnetic Therapy

✅ Utilizes a metal wire mesh design, increasing the release rate of osmium elements by 10 times

✅ Effective detoxification

✅ Reduces excess lymphatic fluid by over 60% within 3 months

✅ Alleviates blood and lymphatic congestion

✅ Comfortable to wear during exercise

✅ Accelerates metabolism

✅ A natural solution for lymphatic detoxification and weight loss

✅ Fashionable necklace design

ANGUL™ Peptide Ion Detox Necklace

Package Includes

1 x ANGUL™ Peptide Ion Detox Necklace (Black/White/Red/Blue/Pink)

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