AnnieCare®body sculpting essence


Medical research

A study published in the journal of Food Science and Nutrition in 2005 found that ginger essential oil can help with weight loss by inhibiting the proliferation of fat cells and promoting the breakdown of fat. The study discovered that certain compounds in ginger essential oil have anti-obesity effects and can reduce weight and the accumulation of fat tissue.
At the same time, another study published in the journal of Drug Research found that ginger essential oil can reduce weight and fat accumulation by regulating fat metabolism and inhibiting the formation of fat cells. The results of the study showed that ginger essential oil can lower body weight, fat tissue, and serum lipid levels.
AnnieCare®body sculpting essence

Doctor’s recommendation

Dr. Joseph Pizzorno is a naturopathic doctor with extensive experience and knowledge in the field of weight loss. He has recommended AnnieCare® body sculpting essence weight loss products to clients in need of weight loss on multiple occasions and claims that 90% of clients have achieved good weight loss results after using them.

Why can AnnieCare® help with weight loss?

AnnieCare® stimulates the skin with its active ingredients, promoting metabolism, accelerating fat breakdown and metabolism, thereby achieving weight loss effects. It contains various plant extracts that burn fat, which can stimulate the skin, improve blood circulation, accelerate fat metabolism, and help eliminate toxins and waste from the body. The natural ingredients also contribute to improving skin texture, making the skin firmer, thus achieving body shaping effects.

The working principle of AnnieCare®

Stimulate blood circulation: The active ingredients in essential oils can promote blood circulation, increase blood flow to the area of fat cells. This helps to accelerate metabolism, promote fat burning and excretion.

Promote fat breakdown: Containing ingredients that can stimulate fat breakdown, such as caffeine, capsaicin, and hesperidin. These ingredients can accelerate the release of fatty acids, making them more easily utilized by the body.

Eliminate edema: Has an anti-edema effect, which can reduce the accumulation of fluid in tissues. This helps to improve the appearance of the skin and make the body contour more firm.

Skin absorption: Usually used by massage or application, it helps to promote the absorption of essential oil components. When essential oils penetrate deep into the skin, they can directly act on fat cells, thereby exerting a slimming effect.

AnnieCare®body sculpting essence

 Advantages of slimming essential oils compared to other weight loss products.

Translation: No side effects: Slimming essential oils typically have no side effects, unlike other weight loss products that may cause discomfort or adverse reactions.

No rebound: Unlike other weight loss products, slimming essential oils have a lower chance of weight rebound after discontinuation, as they primarily rely on massage and skin stimulation rather than directly affecting metabolism.

Safer ingredients: Slimming essential oils use natural plant extracts with simpler and purer ingredients, making them gentler and safer compared to other weight loss products that may contain complex chemicals.

No diet restrictions: Slimming essential oils do not require diet restrictions or calorie reduction, making them more convenient compared to other weight loss products that require strict dietary control.

Easy to use: Simply apply slimming essential oils through massage to the desired areas, such as the abdomen or thighs. They offer a simpler and more convenient usage method compared to orally taken weight loss products.

AnnieCare®body sculpting essence

 Pure natural ingredients.

Gingerol: An active ingredient extracted from ginger, which has the potential to promote metabolism and fat oxidation.

Geranium: Has anti-edema and lymphatic circulation-promoting effects, which can help improve body contour.

Caffeine: A natural compound that stimulates the central nervous system and promotes fat breakdown, which can increase energy consumption.

Cinnamon: Helps increase energy consumption and promote fat breakdown, which can help improve body contour.

 Our Customer Experience Sharing

Two weeks ago, I started using this slimming essential oil, eagerly awaiting changes in my body. I massaged a few drops of the oil onto areas prone to fat accumulation, such as my abdomen, hips, and thighs. Initially, I didn’t see immediate noticeable differences, but I didn’t lose hope.

After two weeks of consistent use, I began to notice some changes. Firstly, I felt that the skin on my abdomen and hips became firmer, without the previous sagging sensation. When I touched these areas, I felt more tightness and elasticity. This excited me because it was the result I had been striving for.

Additionally, my body contour improved to some extent. My waist became slightly narrower, and the curves of my thighs and hips became more pronounced. Although these changes may not have been very obvious, they were a good starting point for me.

After four weeks, I continued using the slimming essential oil while maintaining a healthy diet and moderate exercise. During this time, I observed more noticeable differences. My waist further reduced in size, and the lines of my hips and thighs became even tighter and more defined. I could fit into pants that used to be too tight, and I felt more confident and satisfied.

Furthermore, I noticed an improvement in the quality of my skin. The ingredients in the slimming essential oil seemed to contribute to enhancing the skin’s radiance and texture. My skin appeared healthier and more glowing, making me feel younger and more beautiful.

Best usage method

  1. Take a small amount of serum
  2. 2-3 drops of essence points on the palm
  3. Evenly apply on the affected area, 1-2 times a day
  4. Gently massage for about 10 minutes until absorbed

Product specifications

Name: AnnieCare® Body Sculpting Essence
Net Content: 10ml
Shelf Life: Three years
Product Function: Perfectly shapes waist, abdomen, and buttocks

Package Includes: 1 x AnnieCare®body sculpting essence

Product Safety Certification:

AnnieCare®body sculpting essence

AnnieCare®body sculpting essence

AnnieCare®body sculpting essence

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AnnieCare®body sculpting essence
AnnieCare®body sculpting essence
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