Anti-Alcohol Magnetic Bracelet


Are you constantly grappling with alcohol cravings and feel like your life is slipping away? That’s why our team has worked for years with alcoholism experts and doctors to develop a 100% natural solution based on magnetotherapy.

This method involves stimulating specific areas of the brain to eliminate the desire to drink alcohol. Designed to suit all profiles and stages of recovery, this bracelet is the perfect companion to improve your quality of life and lead you towards a healthier and more fulfilling existence. Are you tired of fighting alcohol cravings that sabotage your efforts to lead a healthy life? Equipped with active natural elements such as powerful 3,000 Gauss magnets, the anti-alcohol magnetic bracelet stimulates specific areas of the brain responsible for alcohol cravings.

This targeted action helps to reduce cravings and facilitate your journey to a life free from addiction. By acting directly on brain mechanisms, our bracelet offers you a unique and effective approach to combat alcohol addiction. Using this Anti-Alcohol Magnetic Bracelet allows you to reduce, or even eliminate, expenses related to medical consultations, prescription drugs, and therapy sessions. Plus, by managing to control your alcohol addiction, you will also save on expenses related to buying alcohol.

Anti-Alcohol Magnetic Bracelet

Anti-Alcohol Magnetic Bracelet has the  following product:


  • Step 1: Although the magnets do not need to be in direct contact with your skin, make sure the bracelet is well positioned to allow optimal magnetic stimulation of the acupressure points related to the urge for alcohol.
  • Step 2: Wear the bracelet every day, during the day and at night, to fully benefit from its effects. 
  • Step 3: Regularly clean the bracelet with a soft cloth and warm water to remove impurities and sweat.

Package: 1 X Anti-Alcohol Magnetic Bracelet

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Anti-Alcohol Magnetic Bracelet
Anti-Alcohol Magnetic Bracelet
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