Anti Collision Car Protector

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Anti Collision Car Protector

Our Anti Collision Car Protector(4PCS) can prevent nasty scratches, against scuffs, nicks, scratches, and other damaging marks. It can be also used to cover any existing scratches, paint damage.

This bumper guard strip can be glued to the front & rear bumpers and doors of the car. This protector trim effectively protects your car from scratches and scratches.

It designed to protect your car doors from scratches caused by friction or collision with surrounding objects. Elegant and dynamic design, match well with all kind of car. It will instantly upgrade your car appearance with great anti scratch protection

Our car door edge guards are made of high quality silicone polymer material. It has stronger shelf life in terms of heat resistance, abrasion resistance, anti-aging, waterproof & UV resistance as compared to general rubber that sold on market now.

 Can be installed anywhere you want including rear view mirror, door side edge, bumper etc. Universal curved shape design to fit around car door. Suitable for most of the cars, SUV, RV, and so on. These protection strips are ideal automobile accessories.

Usage Method
1. Clean surface
2. Remove adhesive cover
3. Stick on desired place
4. Finish in seconds
Size: 40cm X 5.5cm

Color: Black / White / Red / Grey

4PCS X Anti Collision Car Protector

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