Anti-Cracking Frost


Winter anti-cracking frost
Anti-Cracking Frost

The newest research can well protect you and your family’s skin as well as repair the dry and cracked skinThis will be the best care you can give them.

Anti-Cracking Frost


  • Advanced Skin Repair-Use the skin’s natural moisturizing power to repair your skin from the inside out.

  • Moisturizing and therapeutic care-soothes extremely dry skin and prevents further abrasions or chapped caused by continuous washing.

Anti-Cracking Frost

  • Trusted ingredients – The formula of the advanced healing hand cream includes trusted herbs known for their healing, soothing or anti-inflammatory properties, such as Ceramide 3, Vitamin E and Calendula.

  • Perfect for skin-non-greasy – fragrance-free and fast absorption, use up to three times a day.

Anti-Cracking Frost

  • Difficult to work-this advanced therapeutic hand cream helps heal dry, chapped or split hands. This is a skin care product that works as hard as you!


  • Material: Avocado
  • Product size: 54 x 54mm
  • Product weight: 30g
  • Net weight: 15g
  • Package includes: 1 x Winter anti-cracking frost

Anti-Cracking Frost

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