Anti-Scalding Kitchen Gadget


Anti-Scalding Kitchen Gadget

Perfect Kitchen Supplies,Heat Resistant Silicone Cooking Pinch for Moving Hot Plate or Bowls

  • Plate Gripper

The plate gripper can easy to take the hot dish, plate from the steamer, preventing scale from the steamer.

  • Bowl Clip

Stainless steel head & frame, Stainless steel tong head with silicone,tough and durable, can lift up to 5 lbs with single hand.

  • Silicone Mini Mitt

Clip and lift hot inner pot or steamer basket out from instant pots, as well as other hot plate, tray, bowl from micro wave, oven, air fryer, boiling pots safely.

  • Silicone Potholder Mat

Suitable for kitchen usage, served as pot holders, trivet mat, non-slip mat, placemat and so on.

Heat Resistant Silicone Cooking Pinch


  • Color – Blue, Pink
  • Function – Non-slip, Heat Insulation

Kitchen Anti-Scalding Se

Set including

  • 1* Bowl Clip
  • 1* Plate Gripper
  • 2 * Silicone Potholder Mat
  • 2 * Silicone Mini Mitt
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Anti-Scalding Kitchen Gadget
Anti-Scalding Kitchen Gadget
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