Anti-Slip Odor-Free Slippers

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Slip and fall can be fatal, especially to elderly and pregnant women. Our Anti-Slip Odor-Free Slippers will hold you and your family tightly to avoid any unwanted accidents in bathroom, kitchen, swimming pool, etc.

Bulged stripes of slippers not only increase friction between feet and sole to prevent sliding, but also promote blood circulation and balance the pressure when you are walking, giving you a pleasurable walking experience.

Adapts Ag+ Technology to control 99% of bacteria growth in slippers compared to others in the market, keeping your feet fresh and odor-free even after wearing for a long time.


  • 【Firm Grip Sole】Bulged stripe and concave-convex design increase the friction between feet and sole to prevent slipping. Great for seniors or pregnant women.
  • 【Anti-Bacterial Mechanism】Adapts Ag+ Technology to control the growth of bacteria in slippers, keeping your feet fresh and odor-free.
  • 【Release Feet Burden】Flexible EVA soles provide pillow-soft cushioning. Bulge stripes promote blood circulation and balance the pressure.
  • 【Quick Dry】Waterproof and washable, which you could wear the slippers for shower. No awkward squeaky sound it would made after shower.
  • 【Wear Resistant】Durable and highly stretchable soles will not deform easily.
  • 【All Season Slippers】Perfect for bedroom, bathroom, living room, spa, gym, swimming pool, beach, etc.


  • Material: Premium EVA
  • Color: Navy/Gray/Blue/Pink/Orange
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Anti-Slip Odor-Free Slippers
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