Anti-Slip Rug Gripping Pads (Set of 4)

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Anti-Slip Rug Gripping Pads (Set of 4)

Anti-Slip Rug Gripping Pads (Set of 4)

No More Slipping Rug From Now On!

Have you ever slip on rugs ‘cause they’re slipping on floor? Time to avoid from these accidents with Anti-Slip Rug Gripping Pads.

Anti-Slip Rug Gripping Pads are perfect to keep rugs and carpets in place. Made with silicone gel in triangular shape which you could stick them on rugs in any shapes. With strong adhesive to stick on carpet firmly, also ensuring your safety. Easy to clean and stay sticky after washing – best to be reused up to 100+ timesStay worry-free with carpets now!


  • Sliding Rugs? No More:
    Helps to keep your rugs in place and no more slipping accident while you step on it!
  • Stay Safe:
    Slipping rugs could cause unimaginable accidents if you ignore it. But now, you could kick this problem out for your family with us.

  • Easy to Use:
    Just stick it on any carpets’ corners, press it on floor – and there you go! Our strong adhesive will hold it firmly and securely.

  • Washable & Reusable:
    clean it with water and let it dry to restore stickiness, reuse it as sticky as a new one!

  • Invisible Design:
    Preserves luxurious appearance of carpets as they’re totally invisible under the rugs with ultra-thin design.
  • Damage- & Scratch-Free:
    Silicone gel pads leave no residues on floor, no damage or scratches left on any surface after removing it.

  • Work On Any Surface:
    Stick to all rugs and fit well with all types of floor: 
    tiles, hardwood, laminate, marble, concrete and etc.


  • Material: Silicone gel pads
  • Size: 5cm x10.5cm


  • 4x Anti-Slip Rug Gripping Pads

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Anti-Slip Rug Gripping Pads (Set of 4)