Anti Snoring Bracelet


Anti Snoring Bracelet

Anti Snoring Bracelet

“I live in a small flat shared by my siblings; it’s a tight pace so everyone can hear everything. Unfortunately, my snores are so loud that my siblings barely get a lick of sleep. However, all of that changed when I started using the Anti Snoring Bracelet. Unlike other anti-snoring devices, this bracelet doesn’t interfere with how I sleep and move around when I sleep. It’s lightweight and thin, and it eliminates all the snoring in just a few days of use!” -Fabian, 37, Milan 

Anti Snoring Bracelet

“I’ve been happily married to my husband for two years now. We get along together in almost everything, however, my snoring causes friction in your marriage. He barely gets any sleep and he bought me the Anti-Snoring Bracelet. According to him, my snoring eventually decreased in just 2-3 months and my snoring went away in just four months!” -Hailey, 35, Boston 


The Body and Electricity: The Perfect Synergy 

Anti Snoring Bracelet

Your body constantly sends electrical impulses that are vital with maintaining bodily functions. These bodily functions are vital for survival and improving, and maintaining one’s health. These electrical signals are responsible for:

  • Making quick decisions
  • Aiding with behavior vital for survival (instincts and adrenaline rush)
  • Solving problems
  • Making sensory inferences
  • Digestion
  • Cognition
  • Excretion
  • Reproduction
  • Mobility
  • Lymphatic and Circulatory Processes
  • Muscle use

Any disruption to these electrical impulses results in crippling ailments and disabilities.


Sleep and Snoring

Anti Snoring Bracelet

Sleep is our body’s natural “restart button”. It is the key to keeping our mind and body healthy. Adults need an average for 7-8 hours of sleep each night. Sleep helps rejuvenate your cells, relaxes your muscles, eases anxiety, and quickens healing. Other benefits of sleeps are

  • Improves immunity
  • Helps you maintain a healthy weight
  • Reduces risk for diabetes and heart disease
  • Improves mental functions such as focus, information processing, visual acuity and other viral mental processes
  • Avoids unnecessary injuries such as accidents like tripping, falls, and serious accidents such as car accidents (thousands of drowsy drivers cause accidents every year).
  • Improves mood and social interactions

Your body naturally sets for you to be awake during daytime and sleepy at nighttime. However, due to technological advances with artificial light as well as the light coming from gadgets (TV, mobile phones, tablets, and laptops), our sleep slightly deviated from normal. Lack of sleep or disorientation due to such can also occur when traveling to places with different time zones (8 to 12 hour difference) which is called “jetlag”.

Anti Snoring Bracelet

Snoring is noisy breathing when you sleep. It is a condition that affects a large chunk of the population, mostly those who are overweight and it tends to worsen as we age. Snoring once in a while is no problem, but if it becomes a nuisance to others when it happens regularly. Snoring is a symptom of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), which is mostly common for people who are overweight or obese.

Anti Snoring Bracelet

Snoring occurs when there’s a blockage of airflow of air  through the mouth and nose. It can be be a result of the following:

  • Blocked sinuses (due to allergies or a deviated septum)
  • Poor muscle tone in your throat and tongue wherein the tongue is too relaxed which blocks your airways)
  • Bulky throat tissue (mostly occurs for people who are overweight)
  • Long soft palate and or uvula (dangling tissue at the back of your throat)
  • Alcohol and drug use
  • Sleep position (especially if you’re a back sleeper)
  • Sleep deprivation

There are many ways to treat snoring such as

  • Losing weight
  • Avoiding alcohol before bed
  • Treat nasal congestion
  • Avoiding sleeping on your back

For snoring accompanied by OSA, gadgets and sleep aids that increase the size or diameter of nasal passages as well as gadgets that prevent obstruction prevent loud snoring.


With that in mind, the Anti Snoring Bracelet is..

Anti Snoring Bracelet

The Anti Snoring Bracelet is a compact and non-invasive snoring treatment. The Anti Snoring Bracelet can track your snoring in real time and sends an electrical signal directly to your nerves which transports that signal to your brain to stop snoring. The Anti Snoring Bracelet provides a safe and eventual way to reduce snoring volume and improve nasal and cardiac congestion.

To sum it up, the Anti Snoring Bracelet is:

  • An invasive anti-snoring device.
  • A real-time snore tracker that sends electrical impulses to the brain to halt snoring.
  • The electrical impulse is soft but noticeable and it does not interfere with implants or other other electrical medical devices like breathing apparatuses.
  • Improves airflow over time by “training” your muscles to ease your pallet,thus widening your airways and decreasing snore volume.
  • The Anti Snoring Bracelet is a non-invasive anti-snoring device that doesn’t interfere with sleeping.
  • Boasts a lightweight and compact design that is easy to use and is perfect for sleepers who move a lot.
  • Perfect for all ages.
  • Battery operated


Ethan has been using the Anti Snoring Bracelet for three months now and his snoring has decreased in volume! Let’s hear his testimony.

Before Use 

“Snoring has always been a problem ever since I hit my early thirties, before that, I never had any experience nor issue with sleeping and snoring. I’m at a healthy weight and I don’t have any underlying conditions nor risk factors- in general, I have healthy genes. I’ve tried a lot of products such as nasal sprays to nose apparatus but none of them worked. However, my life changed when I bought and used the Anti Snoring Bracelet.”


After Use

Anti Snoring Bracelet

“After just three to four months of consecutive use, my snoring eventually decreased in volume and frequency. It happened so quickly to the point my wife was surprised that I don’t snore anymore even when I take little naps in the afternoon. I noticed how my and my wife’s lives changed for the better; we get more rest, we feel more energy, and our relationship and lives have never been so much better!”

How to Use

  • Unscrew the back panel of the Anti Snoring Bracelet.
  • Place AAA batteries.
  • Press the top and bottom buttons to start the device.
  • Tighten the strap to your comfort.
  • Wear normally.
  • Use the Anti Snoring Bracelet before going to bed.
  • Use nightly.


  • Material: ABS
  • Therapy: Electrical Impulses
  • Audience: All
  • Ages: All
  • Box Inclusions: Device, Screwdriver, Wristband, Manual

Package Includes

X1 Anti Snoring Bracelet

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Anti Snoring Bracelet
Anti Snoring Bracelet
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