ANWX GFOUK™ Magnetic Therapy Ginseng Warm Sculpting Roller


ANWX GFOUK™ Magnetic Therapy Ginseng Warm Sculpting Roller

GFOUK™ Magnetic Therapy Ginseng Warm Sculpting Roller is an innovative weight loss device based on the principle of magnetic therapy, combining the cream containing ginseng extract and the effect of negative polarity magnets, through the principle of magnet opposites attract, aiming to promote fat decomposition and accelerate the metabolism, able to improve the appearance of the body and reduce the accumulation of fat.

What You Need to Know About Magnetic Therapy for Weight Loss?

Magnetic therapy for weight loss utilizes the principle of opposites attract to promote the rapid penetration of natural ginseng cream into the skin, accelerating the movement of fat cells under the skin through stimulation, accelerating fat heating and burning, and the body can excrete the fat as a waste product by speeding up the metabolism. This is a non-surgical method of reducing localised fatty tissue.

ANWX GFOUK™ Magnetic Therapy Ginseng Warm Sculpting Roller

Opposites attract to accelerate absorption

During skin massage, the magnetic field generated by the 5 negative roller balls interacts with the positive charges of the cells under the human skin. This magnetic force encourages the positive and negative charges to attract each other and accelerate their proximity, which in turn enhances the adsorption speed and efficiency of the ginseng extract adsorption within the skin cells and promotes the accelerated decomposition of fat.

Innovative combination of ginseng extract and highly effective magnets

The combination utilizes the rich pharmacological active ingredients of ginseng and the bio-magnetic field effect of magnets to enhance the therapeutic effect. Ginseng, as a traditional herbal medicine, have a variety of natural active ingredients. Highly effective magnets generate a unique magnetic field by massaging the skin. The active ingredients of ginseng are guided by the magnetic field to specific skin fats, and at the same time, the magnetic field will promote the penetration and absorption of ginseng extract, increasing their permeability and local concentration in the skin fat layer.

ANWX GFOUK™ Magnetic Therapy Ginseng Warm Sculpting Roller

Human adipose tissue contains lipase that promotes digestion and decomposition of lipids. The combined effect of ginseng extract and magnets can efficiently activate lipase activity and accelerate the decomposition of fat accumulation in the body by stimulating the body to produce more lipase-activated cells, which activates the activity of lipolytic enzymes in the body and further breaks down excess accumulated fat, which will be discharged out of the body along with the metabolism.

Research Accreditation

Dr Olivia Williams is a renowned nutritionist teaching at Columbia University. She is dedicated to research on healthy weight loss and has successfully developed a revolutionary weight loss product, GFOUK™ Magnetic Therapy Ginseng Warm Sculpting Roller, which utilises magnetic therapy technology and ginseng extract with fat-reducing properties to help people achieve healthy weight loss.

ANWX GFOUK™ Magnetic Therapy Ginseng Warm Sculpting Roller

Using moderate strength and massage techniques, massage in a clockwise direction and keep each area massaged for approximately 5-10 minutes.

Gently roll the Weight Loss Roller Ball over targeted areas such as thighs, waist and abdomen, upper arms and other areas where fat reduction is needed.

Caution: When using the weight loss roller ball, please avoid wounds, broken skin or allergic areas. If discomfort or allergic reaction occurs, please stop using immediately.

What makes the GFOUK™ Magnetic Therapy Ginseng Warm Sculpting Roller special?


✔Achieve weight loss results: combination of magnetic therapy and creams with ginseng extract

✔Cream with ginseng extract: promotes metabolism and lipolysis

✔Negative Magnetic Roller Ball Massage: Attracts positive charges to the human body, making it more efficient

✔Cream absorption: Accelerates the absorption and penetration of the ginseng extract cream

✔Activates lipase activity: key enzyme molecule in the lipolysis process

✔Accelerates lipolysis: promotes the reduction of adipose tissue

✔Accelerates Metabolism: Fat is metabolized and eliminated from the body by the metabolic process

✔Non-Invasive Weight Loss Tool: Convenient, Safe and Reliable

ANWX GFOUK™ Magnetic Therapy Ginseng Warm Sculpting Roller
Ginseng Extract: Ginseng helps to promote faster metabolism, stimulate energy production in the body and accelerate the lipolysis process.
Pepper Extract: It activates the activity of lipase in fat cells, accelerating the release and metabolism of fat.
Tocopheryl Acetate: Increases the body’s utilization of fat, helping to improve body fat levels and body contour.

Package Includes: 1 x ANWX GFOUK™ Magnetic Therapy Ginseng Warm Sculpting Roller

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ANWX GFOUK™ Magnetic Therapy Ginseng Warm Sculpting Roller
ANWX GFOUK™ Magnetic Therapy Ginseng Warm Sculpting Roller
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