Aqua Life Algae Growth Purifier

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Aqua Life Algae Growth Purifier


Control Algae growth in your fish pond and fish tank! 

Turn muddy green into crystal clear water with the Aqua Life Algae Purifier. 

This helps remove stubborn algae 100%!

  • With natural purifying function that controls green water
  • Prevents growth of green, brown, red and blue-green algae

Breaks down algae & dissolves unwanted organisms

  • By adding beneficial bacteria and enzymes, all types of algae are broken down and dissolved.
  • Inhibits unwanted organisms from thriving

Disinfects to enhance a healthy environment for fishes

  • Removes harmful bacteria to ensure that your fishes and aquatic plants live healthy under water
  • Clearer fish tank means healthier and happier fishes!

Long-lasting effect lessens maintenance

  • Lessens frequency of changing the water
  • Makes you save time, energy and water


Weight: 50g

Package Inclusion/s: Choose Your Bundle…

  • Buy 1 Only – Get 1 bottle Aqua Life Algae Purifier
  • Buy 2 (Save 10% OFF) – Get 2 bottles
  • Buy 3 (Save 15% OFF) – Get 3 bottles

Safe for everyone

  • Proven safe on your health, your fishes and the environment

Let aquatic life flourish with the Aqua Life Algae Purifier. 

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