AquaFit Swimming Resistance Band


AquaFit Swimming Resistance Band

Increase your swim speed by adding resistance with the AquaFit Swimming Resistance Band! 

Become a stronger and faster swimmer by adding resistance to your pool workouts! These resistance bands are perfect for professional and amateur swimmers. They’re extremely effective at targeting key muscle groups to upgrade your performance in the pool. These bands are a must-have for anyone looking to upgrade their pool workouts!

Max Performance:

The AquaFit Swimming Resistance Band is engineered to target key muscle groups that are directly correlated to swim speed. Perfect for anyone who wants to stay fit and that wants a nonstop swim!

Comfortable & For All Ages:

Designed with high-grade neoprene, that’s wrapped around the waist belt, to form to almost any build. Each resistance cord is 3 meters long and holds a strong core, making it perfect for both adults and children!

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