Artemisias Foot Bath Pack


Artemisias Foot Bath Pack

Artemisias Foot Bath Pack

Feel relaxed with detoxing foot spa!

Our Herbal Detox Foot Soak Pack offers you a luxurious at-home spa experience with ultimate refresh & relax! It helps draw out dirt and impurities, purifying toxins and toning the skin. In the body, thus substantially reducing the chances of insomnia, illness, disease and improving weight loss.

Made with precious Artemisias and other Chinese medicinal herbs, the bath pack can promote blood circulation and regulate lymph drainage, as well as detoxification and boosting immunity. As a result, it also increases your energy level and revitalizes your skin.

Fill a foot bath with the freshly scented bath pack and warm water and place your tired feet into the bath. Relax and soak for 30 – 60 minutes until your soles are feeling relaxed and refreshed.


Main Ingredients: Artemisias, Ginger Roots, Chinese Herbs
Time of Use: 30 – 60 minutes, use as needed
Storage: Store in cool and dry environment

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