ATTDX 360° Fresh Mist Deep Cleansing Mouthwash


ATTDX 360° Fresh Mist Deep Cleansing Mouthwash

Elevate your oral care routine with the refreshing power of ATTDX 360° Fresh Mist Deep Cleansing Mouthwash, delivering a deep clean sensation for lasting freshness and confidence

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” ATTDX 360° Fresh Mist Deep Cleansing Mouthwash has revolutionized how I care for my teeth! Not only have I witnessed a remarkable enhancement in my gum health, but my breath has also attained an unparalleled level of freshness,” -Sarah Johnson from New York City

“Even after brushing my teeth every morning, I still experience a strange taste lingering in my mouth throughout the day, which can be quite frustrating. I often found myself avoiding conversations with colleagues to prevent them from noticing. However, ever since I discovered ATTDX 360° Refreshing Spray Deep Cleansing Mouthwash, everything has changed for the better! Now, I wake up every morning to a burst of minty freshness that lasts all day long. This mouthwash is truly remarkable. Not only does it effectively combat stubborn bad breath, but it also visibly whitens and brightens my teeth. What’s even more incredible is its ability to quietly address my previous dental problems, leaving me feeling like I just stepped out of the dentist’s chair after every use. It’s truly a game-changer!” Maine Rodriguez from San Francisco

What happens if you don’t take care of your oral health?

Food residues left in the oral cavity lead to the multiplication of various bacteria and microorganisms in the interdental spaces and inside the oral cavity. Failure to eliminate these bacteria in a timely manner leads to a range of oral health problems including bad breath, mouth ulcers, yellow teeth, tooth decay, and even oral cancer. If this condition continues to worsen, gingivitis develops along with other problems such as bleeding gums and pain caused by swollen gums.

Persistent bad breath can indicate underlying dental issues, such as gum disease and tooth decay, which result from bacteria buildup in the mouth. Ignoring bad breath can lead to more severe oral health problems, emphasizing the importance of addressing its root causes through proper hygiene and regular dental check-ups.

The latest in oral hygiene innovation, ATTDX 360° Fresh Mist Deep Cleansing Mouthwash offers unparalleled freshness for a confident smile

Experience the transformative power of ATTDX 360° Fresh Mist Deep Cleansing Mouthwash, meticulously formulated to not only combat bad breath but also aid in the recovery of dental problems. By targeting bacteria at the source, this advanced solution penetrates deep within the oral cavity, promoting comprehensive oral health and leaving you with a revitalized, confident smile. Say farewell to persistent bad breath and welcome a brighter, healthier dental future with ATTDX.

Key Ingredients of ATTDX 360° Fresh Mist Deep Cleansing Mouthwash

  • Galla Japonica: Utilizing the natural antibacterial attributes of Galla Japonica, our mouthwash effectively combats and eradicates harmful bacteria, preventing plaque buildup and fostering healthier gums. Derived from specific oak species’ gall nuts, Galla Japonica has been esteemed for centuries for its potent cleansing capabilities, making it a pivotal ingredient in our formulation.
  • Propolis: Renowned for its therapeutic qualities, propolis is a natural resin harvested by bees from tree buds and sap streams. Abundant in antioxidants and antimicrobial agents, propolis shields the mouth from infections and inflammation, promoting comprehensive oral wellness. By integrating propolis into our mouthwash, we offer an extra shield against oral bacteria, ensuring a fresher, cleaner mouth after every rinse.
  • Menthol: Enriched with exhilarating menthol, our mouthwash provides a revitalizing burst of minty freshness, leaving your breath rejuvenated and your mouth feeling impeccably clean. Beyond instantly freshening breath, menthol also calms and cools irritated gums, enhancing the overall cleansing sensation.


Dr Rachel Healy - The London Skin And Hair Clinic

“For decades, I have witnessed the suffering of people who cannot afford dental work. In many low- and middle-income countries, there are few preventative measures or affordable procedures available to treat oral health problems. This has led to a significant health burden on nations and a profound impact on people’s lives. Recognizing this problem, I developed ATTDX 360° Fresh Mist Deep Cleansing Mouthwash with ingredients approved by the American Dental Association (ADA). The ADA recommends ATTDX 360° Fresh Mist Deep Cleansing Mouthwash as an effective, affordable solution for treating all oral problems–including tartar and bad breath–without any side effects.”

What makes ATTDX 360° Fresh Mist Deep Cleansing Mouthwash a great choice?

  • Deep cleansing action
  • Freshens breath instantly
  • Targets harmful bacteria
  • Promotes gum health
  • Long-lasting freshness
  • Effective plaque prevention
  • Refreshing minty flavor

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ATTDX 360° Fresh Mist Deep Cleansing Mouthwash
ATTDX 360° Fresh Mist Deep Cleansing Mouthwash
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