ATTDX AutoRemove SkinTag Kit


Why It’s Important to Take Care of Your Skin?

Skin is the body’s largest organ. It helps regulate the body’s temperature and keeps harmful microorganisms from entering. Skin also has nerve endings that allow people to feel heat, cold, pain, and other sensations. Good skin care is important for more than just appearance; it can help prevent diseases such as sunburn or skin cancer.

ATTDX AutoRemove SkinTag KitSkin tags

What are skin tags?

Skin tags are small, noncancerous growths that form when skin rubs against itself. Although they usually do not require treatment, some people prefer to have them removed for aesthetic reasons. However, it is important to seek professional treatment rather than attempting self-treatment because skin tags can become infected if you try removing them on your own–especially if you use unsterilized equipment.

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Easy and safe way to eliminate skin tags

The ATTDX AutoRemove SkinTag Kit was designed to make it easy to safely remove skin tags. This kit uses the AutoTag Band, a ligation method that causes no pain or bleeding and works on all types of skin tags. You can use this kit by yourself without the help of a specialist, making it an affordable option for getting rid of those annoying tags.

ATTDX AutoRemove SkinTag Kit

At-home treatment for removing unsightly warts or skin tags.

Do you want to get rid of unsightly skin tags, warts, and moles in just minutes? The ATTDX AutoRemove SkinTag Kit with a built-in magnifying mirror allows you to remove your skin tags safely and painlessly at home with no downtime. Ideal for removing skin tags on the face, neck, or chest area without the use of chemicals or freezing, this unique device includes everything you need to remove your skin tags in an effortless manner.

ATTDX AutoRemove SkinTag Kit

Suitable for removal of large and medium skin tags.

The ATTDX AutoRemove SkinTag Kit is designed to remove large/medium skin tags on the face and hard-to-reach areas of your body. Compared to other devices, it works on any skin tag, regardless of size. It’s safe and effective and uses no heat or chemicals, so you can use it almost anywhere on your body with little to no discomfort afterward.

ATTDX AutoRemove SkinTag Kit

Unique features of the ATTDX AutoRemove SkinTag Kit:

  • Break down the structure of the wart, leaving you with clean skin.
  • Contains only natural and safe ingredients that boost the healing process.
  • Working instantly and the results are already seen in just a few days.
  • Formulated with active natural ingredients
  • Penetrate the root of a mole or wart
  • Trigger a rush of white blood cells to the blemish
  • Flattens down the moles and spots without leaving any scars.
  • Fast-acting organic formulation replenishes dehydrated skin
  • Repairs environmentally damaged skin
  • Protects against future damage.

ATTDX AutoRemove SkinTag Kit

Package Includes: 1 x  ATTDX AutoRemove SkinTag Kit

What’s included in the kit?

The ATTDX AutoRemove SkinTag Kit comes with everything you need to get started: a skin tag removal pen, a tag skin removal band loader, skin tag bands, and easy-to-follow instructions. The Tag Band skin tag removers come boxed for easy storage and use whenever needed.

  • 1 x small-size skin tag remover head
  • 1 x large-size skin tag remover head
  • 1 x Pen Band remover
  • 1 x Instruction manual
  • 10 x cleansing wipes
  • 20 x small-size rubber bands 2-4mm
  • 20 x large-size rubber bands 4-8mm

ATTDX AutoRemove SkinTag Kit

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ATTDX AutoRemove SkinTag Kit
ATTDX AutoRemove SkinTag Kit
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