ATTDX Keratin Smooth Hair Straightening Cream


Experience the benefits of instant smoothness with ATTDX Keratin Smooth Hair Straightening Cream.

ATTDX Keratin Smooth Hair Straightening Cream


Introducing our transformative hair-smoothing mask, expertly crafted to tackle frizz and rein in volume for those with thick, curly, and rebellious locks. This nourishing formula goes beyond mere conditioning, working its magic to deeply hydrate, detangle, and rejuvenate lackluster, dry hair. Witness the restoration of manageability and elasticity as this mask imparts a stunning shine, leaving your hair not just revitalized, but beautifully radiant. Experience the ultimate in hair care with our solution designed to redefine your hair’s texture, smoothness, and overall allure.

Achieve effortlessly silky-smooth hair in just minutes, all through the simple act of combing

  1. Naturally straighten, smooth, and minimize hair roughness and split ends.
  2. Nourish your hair, replenish essential nutrients, and protect against the damage of heat styling and coloring.
  3. Infuse your hair with softness, maintaining a luxuriously smooth and straight appearance.
  4. Experience the harmonious blend of softness and shine, resulting in naturally beautiful, bright, and flawlessly smooth straight hair.


WHY ATTDX Keratin Smooth Hair Straightening Cream?

ATTDX Keratin Smooth Hair Straightening Cream

Harnessing the most exquisite ingredients sourced globally, ATTDX Keratin Smooth Hair Straightening Cream offers a comprehensive treatment that caters to all hair types. This remarkable formula not only nourishes and moisturizes, but also strengthens, repairs, and restores hair to its optimal health. It’s a dual-function gem, both softening and styling in a single step, while tending to the cuticles with care. Enriched with a potent softening factor, it effortlessly renders hair supple, while meticulously safeguarding the hair cuticles and creating a stunning vertical effect along each strand. Experience the richness of this formula, designed to easily soften and shape your hair, elevating it to a state of sheer elegance.


HOW ATTDX Keratin Smooth Hair Straightening Cream HELPS

Indulge in the ultimate hair care experience with our remarkable product that boasts a vegan formula, consciously crafted to align with your values. Enriched with the goodness of five naturally derived oils, this unique blend swiftly absorbs into your hair, providing a luxurious boost of shine that captivates. Say goodbye to frizz as you embrace hair that feels rejuvenated, sleek, and effortlessly radiant. Elevate your hair care routine with a solution that not only meets your needs but also aligns with your commitment to a vegan lifestyle.

ATTDX Keratin Smooth Hair Straightening Cream consists of three major ingredients:


Utilizing the potency of Natural Fermented Ceramide and Eco Ceramide Shea Butter, this formulation is meticulously crafted through a fermentation process free from skin-harming constituents. These ingredients synergistically work to enhance the skin barrier’s recovery, promoting optimal healing and revitalization.


Argan Kernel Oil, Camellia Japonica Seed Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, and Jojoba Seed Oil offer a multitude of benefits for your hair. These natural oils are rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants, providing deep nourishment that promotes hair strength, vitality, and shine. They work harmoniously to moisturize and condition the hair, combating dryness and frizz while enhancing overall manageability. These oils also support scalp health, helping to prevent dandruff and promoting healthy hair growth by maintaining a balanced environment.


  • Ideal for taming and straightening unruly, frizzy hair, providing a polished and sleek appearance.
  • Infused with nourishing properties, it deeply moisturizes and repairs the hair, replenishing its health and vitality.
  • Elevate your hair’s radiance and texture as it imparts a brilliant shine and an irresistibly smooth touch.

Package Includes: 1 x ATTDX Keratin Smooth Hair Straightening Cream


  1. Wash hair with shampoo before use (wipe to half dry and comb)
  2. Apply the product evenly on the hair and calculate the straightening time according to different hair types. (20-30 minutes for healthy hair, 10-20 minutes for damage hair)
  3. Rinse hair with water.

Suggested usage: 3-4 times/ week

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ATTDX Keratin Smooth Hair Straightening Cream
ATTDX Keratin Smooth Hair Straightening Cream
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