ATTDX ScarRemoval SkinRepair Serum


o, you got a nasty scar?

Don’t worry! We can fade them away in 4 weeks.

Let’s take a look at our happy customers.

—Amara Stephenson— Bainbridge, Georgia

ATTDX ScarRemoval SkinRepair Serum

“I’m super excited about this ATTDX ScarRemoval SkinRepair Serum! This formula is so effective at rejuvenating my skin and diminishing the appearance of my scars. I’ve been using it morning and night, and I’ve already seen results within just a few weeks! I highly recommend this product to anyone who’s looking to reduce the appearance of their scars.”

 —Carolina Stone— Calumet City, Illinois

“I have been using ATTDX ScarRemoval SkinRepair Serum for about a month now, and I’m very happy with the results. I have a very large scar on my abdomen from surgery, and it was very itchy. The itching has stopped, and the scar is not as dark as it used to be. I would recommend this product to anyone who has any scars that bother them.”

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ATTDX ScarRemoval SkinRepair Serum

Why and how is scar tissue formed?

A scar is a mark left on the skin after a wound or injury has healed. Scars are a natural part of the healing process. Most will fade although they never completely disappear. Scars form as part of the healing process after your skin has been cut or damaged. The skin repairs itself by growing new tissue to pull together the wound and fill in any gaps caused by the injury. Scar tissue is made primarily of a protein called collagen. Scars develop in all shapes and sizes.

Indented Scars: When the body produces too little glycol, which ordinarily lubricates the skin, pits or indentations develop as the skin heals.

Raised Acne Scars: Sometimes the body produces too much glycol to heal the skin and underlying tissues, which can result in extensive scarring.

Acne and other skin conditions can leave scars on the dermis, which may cause permanent damage. Therefore, it is essential to use an effective scar-repairing product as soon as possible after an injury has occurred.

ATTDX ScarRemoval SkinRepair Serum

Clinical trials have shown that ATTDX ScarRemoval SkinRepair Serum reduces the appearance of scarring in as little as 4 weeks.

Dr. Hannah Smith is an expert in medical, cosmetic, and surgical dermatological treatments with optimal aesthetic results. She is certified by the American Board of Dermatology and frequently featured in magazines and interviewed by the media to discuss the latest developments in her field.

Our ATTDX ScarRemoval SkinRepair Serum has the honor of being endorsed by Dr. Hannah Smith because it is perfect for all skin types with scar structures including C-sections, post-surgery, tummy tuck, old scars, keloids, stretch marks, and burn scars as well as many others. The product does not contain any irritating ingredients and therefore has no side effects.


3 Key Ingredients of ATTDX ScarRemoval SkinRepair Serum

  1. Allantoin Extract

Allantoin is a keratolytic agent, meaning it can soften and separate out the cornified (tough) layer of skin. Allantoin keeps the skin smooth as the dead skin layer is now shed off. Allantoin is known for soothing injured skin and healing wounds; it is often used for skin irritation and rashes. Allantoin is found in several scar gels, and there’s some evidence to suggest that the inclusion of this ingredient is a good thing.

Medically reviewed by Reema Patel, MPA, PA-C — By Beth Ann Mayer

ATTDX ScarRemoval SkinRepair Serum

  1. Cepalin

Cepalin is a topical anti-scarring agent that inhibits the activity of a chemical involved in inflammation and hypertrophic scarring after injury. Cepalin is derived from onion plants and contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, and ingredients that promote skin regeneration and repair. It accelerates cell growth and regeneration and is effective in treating all types of scars.

Medically reviewed by Cynthia Cobb, DNP, APRN, WHNP-BC, FAANP — By Nadia Zorzan

The Truth About Vitamin E Oil

  1. Natural Vitamin E

There is clinical evidence that vitamin E can help reduce the appearance of scars. Anecdotal evidence also exists, but it is possible that any positive effects people notice may result from moisturizing or massaging the scar rather than taking vitamin E supplements. Vitamin E can support your body’s healing process, but there’s much evidence that it helps with scarring. After skin damage, the body produces excess free radicals and inflammatory reactions that lead to scarring. Vitamin E can neutralize free radicals and reduce inflammatory reactions, promoting scar healing and reducing scarring.

Medically reviewed by Cynthia Cobb, DNP, APRN, WHNP-BC, FAANP — By Brian Krans

ATTDX ScarRemoval SkinRepair Serum

Do you feel like everyone is staring at your scars? ATTDX ScarRemoval SkinRepair Serum can help alleviate these concerns. Clinical studies have shown that our Serum can improve the overall appearance, color, and texture of scars. And since you only need to apply it to your scar three times a day, it’s easy to use!

ATTDX ScarRemoval SkinRepair Serum

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  ATTDX ScarRemoval SkinRepair Serum

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ATTDX ScarRemoval SkinRepair Serum
ATTDX ScarRemoval SkinRepair Serum
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