ATTDX TeethWhitening OralCleaning Essence


Healthy gums are important for your overall health. If you’re looking for a teeth-whitening toothpaste with anti-bacterial properties, try ATTDX TeethWhitening OralCleaning Essence today!

ATTDX TeethWhitening OralCleaning Essence

Let’s see the happy customers who tried ATTDX TeethWhitening OralCleaning Essence.

“I am very impressed with the ATTDX TeethWhitening OralCleaning Essence! Not only does it leave my teeth feeling clean, but it has also allowed me to see a visible difference in my teeth. I have been using it for over a week now and my coffee, tea, and tobacco stains are noticeably lighter.”—Valerie Johnson—Jacksonville, Florida

ATTDX TeethWhitening OralCleaning Essence

“I have used ATTDX TeethWhitening OralCleaning Essence for almost 2 weeks now and I can already see the difference! Before I started using this, my teeth looked so yellow. Now they are so white! I love it! The best thing about this product is that it is safe and effective. It doesn’t have any chemicals or irritants, making it very safe. It didn’t cause any gum irritation, and it made my teeth feel very clean and fresh!”—Lexington, Kentucky

Get ready to have shiny and clean teeth!

Proven and recommended by an Expert

Dr. Lucas Mitchell, who teaches at the University College London School of Dentistry, led the team that worked on issues in the field of dentistry and helped design ATTDX TeethWhitening OralCleaning Essence. In a clinical trial of the product, results showed that it reduced plaque by almost 30%.


What are the most common causes of discolored teeth?

  • Several things can cause discolored teeth. Some causes are avoidable. Others are unavoidable. Avoidable tooth discoloration causes include:
  • Dark-colored foods and beverages. Things like coffee, tea, berries, red wine, and soy sauce can stain your teeth over time.
  • Smoking and other tobacco use. Research indicates that tooth discoloration is more common among people who smoke compared to people who don’t.
  • Poor oral hygiene. Stains cling to dental plaque. If you don’t remove plaque with regular brushing and flossing, you’re more likely to develop discolored teeth.
  • Excessive fluoride. In appropriate quantities, fluoride is an excellent way to protect your teeth from cavities.


How does ATTDX TeethWhitening OralCleaning Essence work?

The ATTDX TeethWhitening OralCleaning Essence is an award winning teeth whitening formula that utilizes powerful ingredients to eliminate surface stains and plaque buildup on teeth. Using a proprietary blend of hydrogen peroxide, citric acid, vitamin C, tea tree oil, and strawberry extract, this dynamic oral care serum creates an outstanding oral health serum that effectively cleans and protects your smile every time you brush. This outstanding solution also prevents future stains from occurring by maintaining healthy gums. Our product goes beyond the norm helping you achieve a healthy smile – without ever leaving your home!

ATTDX TeethWhitening OralCleaning Essence

Tea Tree Oil is a natural remedy for bad breath and contains ingredients that diminish plaque. This is a perfect ingredient for toothpaste or mouthwash because of its ability to kill off bacteria, diminish tooth decay, and relieve bleeding gums.

Medically reviewed by Dental Group of Amarillo

Citric acid causes tooth enamel to dissolve quickly, especially if one does not practice good oral hygiene every day. With proper dental care, a number of studies indicate that anyone can interrupt and even reverse the tooth decay process.

Medically reviewed by Barbuzan-Caragyov, University of Medicine and Pharmacy

Strawberries do have properties that would hint at their effectiveness as a teeth-whitening agent. Strawberry is among the food choices, which besides satisfying your sweet tooth, will benefit your oral health. Strawberries will help fight against gum disease, remove bad breath, and whiten teeth.

Medically reviewed by Christine Frank, DDS

Vitamin C is essential for the production of a structural protein called collagen, which is an important part of your gums. Vitamin C deficiency can result in inflamed, bleeding, and painful gums; however, vitamin C promotes the strength and resilience of gum tissues. It aids in the repair process, contributes to the overall health of gums, and helps prevent gum disease.

Medically reviewed by Jennifer Archibald, DDS

ATTDX TeethWhitening OralCleaning Essence

What makes ATTDX TeethWhitening OralCleaning Essence Special?

  • Remove years of stains accumulated
  • Unique luxurious tube design for a complete whitening experience
  • It protects teeth against future stains
  • Whitens your teeth effectively in a friendly way for sensitive teeth
  • Causes no discomfort, irritation, or burn during use
  • Keep your fresh breath to start the day in a pleasant mood
  • Gentle whitening experience to brighten your smile while you sleep
  • The formula dries quickly and whitens your teeth overnight
  • Helps restore the natural whiteness of your teeth


  • When removing the stains, please wipe gently so as not to damage the gums and oral mucosa.
  • Properly wet the cotton swab when it is soaked, making sure it is not too wet.
  • It takes about 1 minute to wipe each tooth.
  • If the stains can’t be removed completely, please use them again after a week.
  • Children under the age of 13 should not use it. Do not try to swallow.

Package Includes: 1 x ATTDX TeethWhitening OralCleaning Essence

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ATTDX TeethWhitening OralCleaning Essence
ATTDX TeethWhitening OralCleaning Essence
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