ATTDX WrinkleRepair Bio Silicone Overnight Tape


Our ATTDX WrinkleRepair Bio Silicone Overnight Tape can help you to remove the wrinkles on your face with an overnight use.

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“Love these!! I like to sleep in my patches. Even in the filter one you can see my forehead wrinkles vs now even without a filter they are barely noticeable. I have deep forehead wrinkles that are my main reason for using patches. I’m a face sleeper so I always wake up with deeper and deeper wrinkles. They help me lock in moisture overnight and prevent my face sleeping from making them worse. I wake up with those areas nice and plump! I put them on a clean face without nighttime moisturizer so they stick better and just use a daytime moisturizer now. It works ten times better than using a nighttime moisturizer!”—Abby Roberts— 28, El Paso, Texas
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“I waited a bit to review this product because I thought it was fair to give it a chance and I now know it works, and works very well. I wore the tape overnight from the start and had no problem with them whatsoever. My only recommendation for consumers would be that if you have a lot of stray hair or short hair, use a headband before applying the strips so your hair doesn’t get caught beneath. Great idea. Very happy with this purchase!”—Ollie Mae Moran— 35, Seattle, Washington 
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How does ATTDX WrinkleRepair Bio Silicone Overnight Tape works?

  • SMOOTHS WRINKLES OVERNIGHT: By gently compressing your skin, our patches create an occlusive environment that pulls moisture to the skin’s surface. Our fast-acting patches reduce heavily formed wrinkles in as little as 4 hours, and prevent new lines from forming.

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  • PROFESSIONAL-GRADE TAPE: We use professional-grade tape with an extra secure adhesive. Our tape is lightweight and durable, and doesn’t pinch or pull when removed.

  • MORE COVERAGE: No matter which wrinkles you’re worried about, our complete pack of tape fit anywhere that fine lines appear. From crow’s feet to chin lines, we’ve got you covered!

Why Users LOVE the ATTDX WrinkleRepair Bio Silicone Overnight Tape

Whether your signs of aging around the eyes are caused by natural aging, hereditary, tiredness or your sleeping position, our innovative Silicone Under Eye Pads are here to help.

  • Support the skin’s natural ability to hydrate the skin
  • Helps boost collagen production
  • Helps to get rid of bags under the eyes and relieve crows feet wrinkles and lines

Unique features of ATTDX WrinkleRepair Bio Silicone Overnight Tape:

  • Helps to naturally plump and smooth facial lines
  • Keeping hydration in place without evaporating.
  • Help skin’s natural microbiome repair itself 
  • Retaining hydration and boosting collagen production
  • Smooths lines while preventing muscle movement
  • Hydrate and rejuvenate your skin overnight
  • Help your face for smoother, wrinkle patches younger skin.


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Package : 1 set (16PCS FOR FULL FACE / 3PCS FOR FOREHEAD AND UNDEREYE) of ATTDX WrinkleRepair Bio Silicone Overnight Tape

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Package Includes: 1 x ATTDX WrinkleRepair Bio Silicone Overnight Tape

ATTDX WrinkleRepair Bio Silicone Overnight Tape
ATTDX WrinkleRepair Bio Silicone Overnight Tape
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