Auto Cut-off Fast Charging Nylon Cable

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Auto Cut-off Fast Charging Nylon Cable
Auto Cut-off Fast Charging Nylon Cable

Auto Cut-off Fast Charging Nylon Cable

Smart Auto Cut-off Cable speed up the charging time!

Our smart cable design features an auto cut-off function – The electric flow will automatically cut off when your phone is fully charged. Greatly avoids any potential danger like overheating or even fire caused by overcurrent, enhancing charging safety.

We modernize the cable with a tech-styled, 4-dot blue flashing light display, indicating the charging process while adding a cool aesthetic touch to the cable.

Made of high quality nylon fabric that protects the inner electric cords from any tearing and damages. Compatible with all Apple , Android and Type-C devices.

The electric flow will be automatically cut-off when the phone is fully charged to avoid overheating problem and enhance charging safety. Provides a safe yet efficient way to charge devices overnight.

Smartly designed with 4-dot flashing lights display which act as a reminder to let you notice the battery level. Automatically lights in tech-styled cool blue on once you plug the cable on.

2.4A Fast Charging – With the advanced charging technology, you phone will be charged at a fast and consistent rate without harming your battery. Offers a full charge of standard smartphone within an hour.

Durable Cotton Cord – The charging cable is covered by a high quality nylon fabric which is durable and anti-tear to protect the cord from damages.

High Compatibility – Compatible with all Apple , Android and Type-C devices including smartphones, laptops, tablets and PCs.


  • Material: Nylon / Aluminium
  • Length: 1m
  • Compatibility: Apple / Android / Type-C
  • Color: Rose gold / Gold / Black / White