Auto Face Tracking Tripod

Original price was: $99.76.Current price is: $49.88.

Auto Face Tracking Tripod


Trackpod helps you create the best dynamic shoots all by yourself! Using AI face-tracking technology keeps your phone centered on you entirely automatically!

After mounting it on your phone, the tripod will track your motions and move the camera to your position, helping you vlog and film videos with professional quality!

You won’t have to worry about blurred or uncentered images when you shoot because Trackpod keeps a steady lock on you at 360°. It gives you all the filing assistance you’ll ever need!

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Always in the frame- Thanks to the AI face tracking you can rest assured the camera will always stay on you as you move around!

Your filming assistant- Free your hands from holding your phone, enjoy seamless filming assistance for all your creative shoots!

Shoot in motion- Take your videos to the next level, create professional footage all by yourself in perfect sync to your movement!

Trackpod is the ultimate choice- With your portable camera assistant, you are ready to shoot professional videos all by yourself!

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Auto Face Tracking Tripod
Auto Face Tracking Tripod
Original price was: $99.76.Current price is: $49.88. Select options