AWODUPH® Ion Shaping Shorts


AWODUPH® Ion-Tourmalin Shaping Briefs Cool and non-sticky
AWODUPH® Ion Shaping Shorts

AWODUPH® Ion Shaping Shorts contain cooling fibers that provide a comfortable cooling sensation on hot summer days without sticking to your body. The AWODUPH® Ion Tourmaline Shapewear Shorts has over 1000 reflex points on the abdomen. It will help you lose excess fat, get rid of sagging skin, stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation in the body, and relieve lymphedema and inflammation in as little as 3-5 weeks.

Our AWODUPH® Ion Shaping Shorts can help you complete your weight loss plan, even if you don’t exercise regularly and eat healthy and balanced, 80% of Far Infrared Therapy can help you achieve the desired weight. This Shorts helps to increase metabolism, detoxify the body, eliminate accumulated orange peel tissue and edema. It can also help you quickly shape your body, make your waist and abdomen firmer, make your hips fuller.

AWODUPH® Ion Shaping Shorts massage and release ions that promote collagen boosting, causing loose skin and excess fat to disappear from the buttocks, allowing sagging, deformed buttocks to be tightened and lifted!

What Makes SHAPERMOV™ Ion Shaping Shorts the Perfect Solution?

  • Therapies verified by authoritative institutions
  • Reduce internal waste and excess fat, slimming
  • Accelerate metabolism, solve lymphatic problems (lymphedema, lipoma, etc.)
  • Significantly improve blood circulation throughout the body
  • Shapes and Forms Waist & Hips
  • Reduce physical fatigue and chronic inflammation
  • Prevent cancer cells and enhance the immune system
  • Improves Digestive Function

AWODUPH® Ion Shaping Shorts has the following product features:

  • Packing list:1 x AWODUPH® Ion Shaping Shorts
  • Color: Black/Pink/Grey/Wheat
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