Baby Knee Pad


Our Baby Knee Pad is designed for babies who are learning to crawl and walk. It protects your baby’s knee from scratches, and makes them become more confident when learning to crawl.

Non Slip Crawling Knee Pads - 5 pairs freeshipping -

You can provide good protection for your baby’s knees. Keep your baby secure and warm with padding for smooth knees and tender bones. This Baby Knee Sock is very breathable, absorbs sweat, deodorization durable, and soft to wear.

Baby Knee Pads for crawling can continue to be used when babies learn to walk, ride, or run, etc. These knee pads are suitable for all seasons. If they feel a little tight, you can loosen them by pulling with your hands.

Baby Knee Pads for crawling are perfect as baby shower gifts with their bright colors and attractive patterns on such as different car images like police cars, fire engines, and trucks, etc. which most babies love.


  •  Stretchable knee socks that’ll comfortably fit most babies
  •  Breathable, absorbent, durable, and soft to wear
  •  Must have for babies who are learning to walk and play
  •  Light and pastel colors, cool for babies to look at

Product size:

80% Cotton + 20% Elastane

Package Includes:
1 x Baby Knee Pads (Pair)

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Baby Knee Pad
Baby Knee Pad
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