Bamboo Man Kung-Fu Arena

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Bamboo Man Kung-Fu Arena

Become A Champion!

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Enter the sands of the Kung-Fu Arena and face off against the deadliest of warriors. Last man standing wins. Do you have what it takes to be Champion?

Diverse Weapon Selection

Find the right weapon combination for your warrior and get the upperhand in battle!

Simple Setup

The Kung-Fu Arena comes with several pieces. Assemble the fighters and the arena platform and you’re ready to go. Control the fighters with the two hanging cords.

Package Contains

  • The Kung-Fu Arena comes complete with the arena platform, attachable flags and stickers, 2 fighters, 2 sets of armor, 4 helmets, and 8 sets of weapons.
Bamboo Man Kung-Fu Arena
Bamboo Man Kung-Fu Arena