Beautiful Premium 17 Keys Handmade Mahogany Kalimba

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Beautiful Premium 17 Keys Handmade Mahogany Kalimba

Beautiful Premium 17 Keys Handmade Mahogany Kalimba

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“Wow! The sound, feel, and look of this Kalimba is absolutely magical! Super happy with it and everyone in my family loves it. The sound and vibration is so soothing. I will probably buy another one at some point. You know, if I don’t get mine back from a family member.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ – Kelly C. ✅ VERIFIED BUYER

Instantly Play and Sound Good in Just 5 Minutes

Hearing the sounds of the Kalimba is amazing, even playing the wrong notes sounds absolutely beautiful!

The first thought that will come to your mind when you first strike the tines on your Kalimba will be “Wow, it’s so amazing and alive!”

Why? The sounds of the kalimba are not only wonderful but it is also mesmerizing and even if you cannot play any music, just striking random notes will make beautiful music itself!

✅ AN INSTRUMENT ANYONE CAN PLAY: You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to play the Kalimba. In just minutes, you can learn to play a new song.

You will love the feeling of success when you impress your family and friends by playing this incredible instrument.

✅ INTRODUCE YOURSELF TO SOMETHING NEW: The Kalimba is great for someone looking to try something new. You will be mesmerized by its melodious sounds and be instantly addicted to playing it as well.

✅ A GREAT HOBBY AND RELAXING DISTRACTION: This instrument is also a great tension tamer. It’s perfect for people who are stressed. Playing it is meditative and peaceful, you can simply just zone out and pluck away with your thumbs!

✅ BRING IT ANYWHERE WITH YOU: It’s the perfect size to carry around with you. Take your Kalimba anywhere with you for that road trip, beach outing, picnic, or camping, it’s simply the perfect travel companion!

✅ PERFECT GIFT: Having trouble with ideas for gifts? The Kalimba is a perfect and unique gift for anyone young or old to enjoy, or for anyone who loves music.

Don’t Forget To Add On Your Kalimba Starter Kit

Learn The Secret Why Anyone Can Play the Kalimba in 5 Minutes

Our Kalimbas uses a system of numbered musical notations, which simply means anyone can learn to play in minutes even with zero musical education or experience.

The numbers-based approach makes advanced songs easy to learn and play and you can learn to play your favorite songs almost instantly!

Here’s an example on how it works: The Numbers “1” to “7” on the Kalimba represent the musical notes of C, D, E, F, G, A, B or “do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si, ti.”

Now the first part of the popular tune “Old MacDonald Had A Farm” now becomes: 1 1 1 1, 6 6 6, 3 3 2 2 1 – “Old Mac-don-ald had a farm, E, I, E, I O.”

Just follow the numbers, and you have a tune. Easy!

Easy-to-learn Numbered Musical Notations

Listen to How Our Kalimbas Sound Like

Why Choose Trendvance Kalimbas?

Our Kalimbas are all handmade with love and guaranteed to give you the best sounds when you play it.

The instrument itself is handcrafted from solid mahogany with variable tree growth giving each instrument a unique grain and shading. Plus, the mahogany used gives it a near-indestructible feel and high durability.

The keys are made of tempered steel that are flexible but still hard-wearing. All our Kalimbas come pre-tuned and ready to use out of the box.