Biancat™ ColorRush Hair Chalk Dye


Express Yourself in Every Hue: Biancat™ ColorRush – Color without Commitment!

Biancat™ ColorRush Hair Chalk Dye

Discover the freedom of endless expression with Biancat™ ColorRush Hair Chalk Dye. Explore vibrant shades that redefine your look and unlock your creativity. Whether for a celebration or a simple change of pace, ColorRush is your gateway to instant glamour. Dive into a world of color where beauty knows no bounds!

Biancat™ ColorRush – Change Your Hue, Change Your View!

Biancat™ ColorRush Hair Chalk Dye is the artistic solution for anyone yearning to explore the exciting world of  hair color without commitment. Transform your hair into a captivating canvas with enchanting shades. The opportunities for self-expression are boundless, with different combinations offering distinct and dazzling looks.

Biancat™ ColorRush Hair Chalk Dye

The beauty of ColorRush lies in its simplicity and versatility. Easily apply the hair chalk comb from top to bottom for an instant transformation. Wash it off with normal shampoo or use make-up remover if it meets your skin. Perfect for gatherings with friends, cosplay events, campus activities, or even coloring your beloved pet’s hair, ColorRush brings a playful touch to everyday life.


✔️ Temporary & Commitment-Free: Ideal for those who yearn to explore the exciting world of color without long-term commitment, allowing you to change your look as often as you desire.
✔️Enchanting Shades: Choose from our range of enchanting colors for boundless self-expression and dazzling looks.
✔️ Easy Application: ColorRush designed with a point-to-point brush that ensures precise and easy application. Glide the brush smoothly from root to tip for a flawless, vibrant transformation without the mess.
✔️ Non-Toxic & Safe: Formulated with natural herbal extract materials, ColorRush is non-toxic and safe for your hair, skin, children, and even pets, providing peace of mind with every use.
✔️ Multi-Functional Beauty Tool: Perfect for various events and activities such as gatherings with friends, cosplay, campus activities, or even pet hair coloring, it also can be used as colored mascara.
✔️ A Unique Gift Option: ColorRush makes a cool and thoughtful gift for family and friends, bringing a splash of color to their lives.
Biancat™ ColorRush Hair Chalk Dye

How to Use:

  1. Spray the hair you want to dye with water. This will help the chalk adhere to your hair smoothly.
  2. First straighten the hair you want to dye. Then, using the ColorRush point-to-point brush, comb it clockwise to apply the dye. The unique brush design ensures an even and saturated application.
  3. After dyeing, you can use a comb or hair dryer to create your favorite hairstyle. Feel free to use other styling tools to achieve your desired look.

Biancat™ ColorRush Hair Chalk Dye


  • Dimention: 3×2×12.8cm
  • Net Weight: 35g

Package Includes: 1 x Biancat™ ColorRush Hair Chalk Dye

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Biancat™ ColorRush Hair Chalk Dye
Biancat™ ColorRush Hair Chalk Dye
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