Biancat™ FungiClear Nail Treatment Cream


Biancat™ FungiClear Nail Treatment Cream
Biancat™ FungiClear Nail Treatment Cream

Embrace the Strength of Healthy Nails with Biancat™ FungiClear – Your Ultimate Defense Against Nail Fungus!

Biancat™ FungiClear Nail Treatment Cream is an innovative solution in the battle against nail fungus. This potent cream, crafted by a team of seasoned dermatologists and pharmacists, offers a holistic treatment for nail fungus, fostering healthier and stronger nails. FungiClear is formulated with a blend of natural antifungal agents that have been clinically validated to effectively eradicate fungus and rejuvenate the health and appearance of your nails.

In a clinical trial conducted by the Global Health Institute’s Dermatology and Pharmacology Research Unit, Biancat™ FungiClear Nail Treatment Cream was found to be an effective and safe treatment for onychomycosis. The study involved 200 participants, with 97% of those using FungiClear achieving complete clearance of nail fungus after 2 weeks, compared to 10% in the placebo group. The FungiClear group also saw significant improvements in nail appearance and strength, and the cream was well-tolerated with no serious adverse events reported.

Biancat™ FungiClear Nail Treatment Cream has the following product:

How to Use

  1. Prepare the affected nail by cleaning it thoroughly and drying it completely.
  2. Apply a thin layer of Biancat™ FungiClear directly onto the nail and surrounding skin.
  3. Use twice daily


  • Net Weight: 20 grams
  • Type: Cream
  • Shelf live: 2 years
  • Package: 1 x Biancat™ FungiClear Nail Treatment Cream
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