Biancat™ Lymphatic Drainage Shaping Bra


The Biancat™ Lymphatic Drainage Shaping Bra emits numerous negative ions that stimulate the formation of collagen in breast tissue. The result: The skin of the breast becomes more elastic and firm, ensuring firmer breasts. Additionally, the bra helps reduce fatigue and tension in the chest and relaxes the breasts, enhancing the overall appearance.

It also promotes the detoxifying effect of the lymphatic system and minimizes water retention and swelling in the chest area, further tightening the contours.

Lymphatic drainage is the body’s natural system for excreting waste and toxins. With the Biancat™ Lymphatic drainage shaping bra, you can improve lymph flow. The bra promotes movement and muscle contractions that support the transport of lymphatic fluid in the body. Through balanced compression, the bra optimizes the effect of lymphatic drainage while simultaneously boosting your energy levels.

Experience the ultimate relief from fatigue and improved body shape with the Biancat™ Lymphatic Drainage Shaping Bra, powered by state-of-the-art graphene fibers. These innovative fibers promote cell regeneration and enhance nerve function, positively impacting back health. But that’s not all! The bra also contains millions of magnetic nanoparticles that create a soothing static magnetic field. This promotes blood circulation and relaxes the muscles. With the combination of these technologies, the Biancat™ bra offers comprehensive benefits for a healthier back and improved posture. Say goodbye to fatigue and welcome a more comfortable and confident self!

Prepare for rapid body shaping with the Biancat™ Lymphatic Drainage Shaping Bra. Without hitting the gym or following a strict diet, this bra with 80% far-infrared therapy supports your weight loss goals. It boosts metabolism, stimulates the lymphatic system, and promotes detoxification. Thanks to a fat-burning substance infused with electric stone, you can efficiently burn fat – whether sleeping, working, or training. Effortlessly shape your curves overnight!

Biancat™ Lymphatic Drainage Shaping Bra has the following product:


  • Materials: Unique Fiber, AAA-grade antibacterial MicroNylon
  • Color: Black/ Gray-violet/ Gray-blue
  • Size: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL
Biancat™ Lymphatic Drainage Shaping Bra
Biancat™ Lymphatic Drainage Shaping Bra
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