Bicycle Wrist Safety Rearview

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Bicycle Wrist Safety Rearview

🚴Let’s make our ride safer!✌️

Now bicycles have become our best means of transportation

  • This comfortable, wide-angle wrist rearview mirror will not only keep you safe by helping to prevent accidents but is also extremely convenient to use!
  • This new bike mirror gives you a clear view of cars, trucks, and other cyclists, so you can stay safe when you’re riding in traffic or changing lanes.

Why a wrist mirror is superior to other bike mirrors

  • Conventional bike mirrors are fixed on bike handles, which limits your vision and creates blind spots, even if you lose your time trying to perfectly adjust them.
  • Can be easily removed and stored.

Material: leather + knitting + acrylic lens + polypropylene plastic


Bicycle Wrist Safety Rearview
Bicycle Wrist Safety Rearview