BlemishFading Mesotherapy Beauty Set

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BlemishFading Mesotherapy Beauty Set
BlemishFading Mesotherapy Beauty Set

BlemishFading Mesotherapy Beauty Set

To maintain maximum freshness of the extracts, each essence comes in independent vessels! It has separate packing for separating agent and locking high living essence! This helps make sure that each of the beauty sets are of the highest quality and freshness!

Get rid of scars and marks on your skin in no time with the BlemishFading Mesotherapy Beauty Set! Easily heal multiple skin problems, from surgical scars, hyperplastic scars, stretch marks,
burn scars, pock marks and even to acne scars!

It’s made from a deep penetrating healing formula that helps soften, smoothen, and desalt scars and marks on your skin! It inhibits hyperplasia, maintains desalination, and activates regeneration so that your skin
recovers and stays flawless!

The super effective scar removing essences can return your skin back to its best shape! Regain your smooth skin, remove stretch marks, and make surgery scars disappear! Apply it on your problem areas and see the effects
for yourself!

It’s easy to use! All it takes is just 3 easy steps! First mix the two extracts together, then shake it well and apply! Works perfectly on any scar or


Package includes:
1 Set: 1x BlemishFading Mesotherapy Beauty Set ( 10 ml )
2 Sets: 2x BlemishFading Mesotherapy Beauty Sets ( 10 ml )
5 Sets: 5x BlemishFading Mesotherapy Beauty Sets ( 10 ml )

Use the essence on scars and marks as needed and use it within 7 days
after opening