Bloomir™ Ammonia-Free Plant-Based Hair Dye


Safer Alternative: Ammonia-Free Hair Dye!

Most hair dye products in the market contain ammonia, which can cause scalp irritation, dryness, and damage to hair. Our ammonia-free formula offers a gentler and safer option for vibrant and healthy-looking hair.

Bloomir™ Ammonia-Free Plant-Based Hair Dye

Beautiful Girls Choose Bloomir™ for Vibrant Locks!


“OMG, Bloomir hair dye saved my life! I was so tired of dyeing disasters that left my hair dry and damaged. But this magical potion transformed my hair into luscious locks! No more fading color struggles, no more embarrassing root lines. I feel like a hair goddess now! Plus, the easy use process made it a breeze. Thank you, Bloomir!” – Stella, 29, California, USA

Bloomir™ Ammonia-Free Plant-Based Hair Dye

“As a busy gal who loves trying new hair colors, I’ve had my fair share of troubles. My hair was left dry, and lacking its natural shine, which hurt my confidence. But then I found Bloomir. It changed my life. Now my hair is vibrant, soft, and full of life after dyeing it. Even my friend Mallory was amazed by the transformation.” – Bailey, 34, California, USA


Triple Quality Assurance Standards

Bloomir™ hair dye combines premium US materials and advanced technology. Triple quality assurance and certification by pharmaceutical-grade production management agencies ensure superior quality.


What Makes Bloomir™ Special?

Bloomir™ Ammonia-Free Plant-Based Hair Dye

√ Vibrant Colors, Ammonia-Free

Experience the allure of luscious locks without the harsh chemicals. Bloomir™ blends nature’s botanical extracts with breakthrough technology for brilliant, long-lasting color that won’t compromise your hair’s health.

√ Nourish and Protect

With Bloomir™, your hair becomes a canvas for radiant hues and deep nourishment. Our plant-based formula replenishes moisture, strengthens strands, and shields against damage, leaving you with vibrant, resilient locks that shine from within.

√ Sensory Delight

Indulge in a hair dyeing experience that delights the senses. Bloomir™ envelops you in a captivating aroma and delivers a gentle, non-irritating formula that is a joy to apply.


Innovative Hair Transformation

Developed by the American Biotechnology International Research Institute, this groundbreaking solution took 5 years to perfect, ensuring safe and stunning hair color results.

How Does it Work?

Bloomir™ Ammonia-Free Plant-Based Hair Dye


Emma’s Hair Transformation: Turn Heads with Stunning Bloomir™!

“I’m Emma, a fashion model obsessed with hair dye. But battling dry hair and dandruff for years shook my confidence. Then Bloomir came along! From the first use, it was magic! Vibrant, long-lasting color and incredibly soft, nourished hair. Using Bloomir is a breeze, with a heavenly scent and no more scalp irritations. It’s self-care in a bottle!”

Bloomir™ Ammonia-Free Plant-Based Hair Dye

“Bloomir worked wonders for my social life. Now, I confidently sport various hair colors that catch everyone’s attention. People constantly inquire, ‘Who does your hair?’ It’s like having my own personal glam squad! Even my boyfriend can’t get enough of my stunning hair transformations. Thanks to Bloomir, I’m living my best hair life, and you can too!”

Product Specification

Bloomir™ Ammonia-Free Plant-Based Hair Dye

  • Product:Bloomir™ Ammonia-Free Plant-Based Hair Dye
  • Net Content: 200ml
  • Shelf Life: 3 years
  • Key Ingredients: Black Sesame Extract, Ganoderma Atrum Extract, Ginger Extract, Platycladus Orientalis Leaf Extract, Mugwort Leaf Extract
  • Functions:Provides vibrant hair color, long-lasting results, gentle and ammonia-free formula
  • Suitable for:Dull hair, hair coloring enthusiasts, those seeking a natural alternative to ammonia-based dyes


How to Use?

Bloomir™ Ammonia-Free Plant-Based Hair Dye

Bloomir™ Ammonia-Free Plant-Based Hair Dye

Bloomir™ Ammonia-Free Plant-Based Hair Dye

Bloomir™ Ammonia-Free Plant-Based Hair Dye
Bloomir™ Ammonia-Free Plant-Based Hair Dye
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