Blue Sky ALDH Rapid Hangover Relief Drops


Blue Sky ALDH Rapid Hangover Relief Drops

Blue Sky ALDH Rapid Hangover Relief Drops

It’s time to showcase the ability to stay sober after a thousand toasts.

The alignment with social culture is the unique aspect of our product. We deeply understand the drinking culture in Western countries and the expectations people have in social gatherings. Our product is not just a hangover supplement; it’s a secret weapon to effortlessly blend into the laughter-filled atmosphere.

In these joyful social occasions, our product creates a new social experience by allowing users to stay sober while still immersing themselves in the joyous ambiance. We want to emphasize not only the effectiveness of the product but also the unique feelings it brings in social activities.

Whether it’s a festive party or a casual bar gathering, our product offers users a distinct social experience. It enables you to be confident and alert in social settings, allowing you to fully enjoy the beautiful moments of laughter, conversation, and friendship. Our product is your intuitive companion in social moments, seamlessly integrating you into every exciting moment.

Blue Sky ALDH Rapid Hangover Relief Drops

How we work

Before drinking: Using three milliliters can protect the stomach and intestines, achieving the effect of blocking alcohol absorption through the gastrointestinal tract. After drinking: Triggering the liver to produce a large amount of hangover enzymes rapidly dilutes the alcohol in the stomach and intestines, facilitating natural elimination through urine and skin. This lowers the alcohol concentration in the blood, achieving a mildly intoxicated effect.

Blue Sky ALDH Rapid Hangover Relief Drops

Our experimental data

After conducting drug experiments on a population of over 3800 individuals aged 25 and above, the Blue Sky Medical Group California R&D Center has drawn the following significant conclusions:

  1. Consuming 3 milliliters before drinking reduces the intoxication rate by 99%.
  2. Post-drinking intake of three milliliters provides significant relief from intoxication within half an hour for 97% of individuals.
  3. Testing alcohol levels 8 hours after taking the supplement while intoxicated shows a zero alcohol content.
  4. Post-intoxication intake results in 100% of individuals achieving complete sobriety within 5 hours.

These conclusive experimental findings, with on-site assistance from the FDA and Johns Hopkins Hospital, provide reliable support for the outstanding effectiveness of our product.

On-site instruction provided by Dr. Jasmine Singh

key element

Blue Sky ALDH Rapid Hangover Relief Drops

Alcohol Dehydrogenase (ADH) is a crucial enzyme present in the human body and other organisms, playing a key role in alcohol metabolism. ADH is primarily involved in the oxidation-reduction reaction of alcohol, converting alcohol (ethanol) into acetaldehyde. The human body adapts to alcohol consumption by regulating the activity of ADH. Extracting alcohol dehydrogenase from sea cucumbers and supplementing it in the human body can enhance the effective metabolism of alcohol.
Blue Sky ALDH Rapid Hangover Relief Drops
Kudzu root is the root of a plant, containing various chemical components, including flavonoids such as soy isoflavones and puerarin. These components are believed to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial effects. Moreover, they are thought to provide protective effects on the gastrointestinal tract by blocking the absorption of alcohol in the intestines and stomach. It is commonly used as the main ingredient in Asia for making hangover remedies.

Health and responsibility

Our product utilizes plant extracts and sea cucumber extracts, certified reliably by the FDA, with no harmful effects on the human body. We prioritize the reliability of our product on the human body, conducting extensive experiments to obtain credible certification. Ensuring it is harmless to the body and free of any discomfort.

Blue Sky ALDH Rapid Hangover Relief Drops

 Our Mission

Let’s explore together the new user experience of our product in intoxication and hangover relief. While enjoying the drinking process, our product is designed to preserve the pleasure of drinking, allowing you to immerse yourself in laughter and conversation at social gatherings without worrying about post-drinking discomfort.

Simultaneously, when the effects of intoxication set in, our product will bring about the relief at an astonishing speed. By rapidly triggering the production of hangover-relieving enzymes, you can feel your body gradually recovering sobriety in a short period, ensuring you maintain vitality and enjoyment during social activities.

This novel sensory experience not only allows you to indulge in drinking freely but also provides a rapid escape from intoxication when needed, creating a unique social experience. Choose our product and let each drinking occasion be a moment filled with joy and carefree enjoyment.

Blue Sky ALDH Rapid Hangover Relief Drops


BEFORE DRINKING: Take three milliliters half an hour in advance, together with water, and the effect will be seen after half an hour, the
After drinking: take three to five milliliters and regain sobriety in half an hour.

Customer Guarantee: offers a full money back guarantee within 15 days!

Package Includes: 1 x Blue Sky ALDH Rapid Hangover Relief Drops

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Blue Sky ALDH Rapid Hangover Relief Drops
Blue Sky ALDH Rapid Hangover Relief Drops
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