Blusoms™ Japanese Herbasonic Patch


Blusoms™ Laboratories conducted a clinical study on 100 female volunteers, aged approximately 35 years, to determine the weight loss effectiveness of the Blusoms™ Japanese Herbasonic Patch.

The findings were remarkable – after just nine days of daily use, the patch significantly reduced triglyceride storage in mature adipocytes. Ultrasound measurements showed a 55% decrease in triglyceride storage, resulting in a substantial reduction in fat tissue volume and thickness. The study also uncovered the patch’s unique blend of 18 herbal ingredients, which boosted mitochondrial activity and cell energy by 28%, delivering an additional benefit to the skin.

Blusoms™ Japanese Herbasonic Patch offer superior benefits compared to other patch available in the market. Infused with natural ingredients like ginger root, Epsom salt, lavender, and green tea, these patch provide effective detoxification and slimming benefits while promoting relaxation and rejuvenation. The unique combination of ingredients and Herbasonic therapy allows for better skin and body penetration, delivering optimal results.

What Makes Blusoms™ Japanese Herbasonic Patch a Great Choice:

  • Innovative Japanese Herbasonic Technology
  • Unique combination of 18 Herbal ingredients 
  • Promotes detoxification and removal of toxins and fluids
  • Enhances blood circulation for firming and strengthening effect
  • Safe and Effective solution

Blusoms™ Japanese Herbasonic Patch has the following product features:

How to Use:

  1. Ensure your skin is dry before applying the patch, after bathing or cleaning your stomach.
  2. Open the patch packaging slowly and carefully to avoid any splitting or sticking that could make it difficult to remove.
  3. For women, the widest part of the patch should be placed under the belly using the patch hole as a reference, then slowly attach it to the skin.
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Blusoms™ Japanese Herbasonic Patch
Blusoms™ Japanese Herbasonic Patch
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