Boobs It Up Lifting Patches


Boobs It Up Lifting Patches

Perk up your breasts with youthful skin!

Our Boobs It Up Lifting Patches offer an instant breast lifting and toning for delicate skin around the bust with an anti-sagging effect. Let your boobs stay lifted, bouncy and perky with no signs of droopy breasts even when going braless and tape-less!

Infused with natural collagen filling, essential oil and ultra-lifting formula to improve boobs’ bounciness and skin elasticity, they are also made with anti-aging actives and nourishing hydrators for deep moisturizing and smoothing wrinkles.

Improve blood circulation for rebuilding and tightening the overstretched breast lipid tissue and ligaments due to sagging, aging, gravity, etc., this non-surgical, painless and safe home treatment helps save money and danger from getting painful breast implant surgery.


Ingredients: Highly-Potent Plant-based Collagen, Premium Breast Enhancement Essential Oils
Weight: 15g/ pc
Diameter : Approx. 10cm


1 Set (4pcs) x Boobs It Up Lifting Patches


3 Sets (12pcs)


Ultimate Boobs Up Set (40pcs)

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