BootyPop Butt-Lifting Oil


BootyPop Butt-Lifting Oil
BootyPop Butt-Lifting Oil

BootyPop Butt-Lifting Oil works by stimulating the production of fat cells in the bum – thus enhancing the buttocks. It directly targets the bum because it is rubbed into the buttocks only.

BootyPop™ Butt-Lifting Oil

It also promotes skin metabolism and boosts the growth of buttock muscles, making your hip and butt firmer and fuller. It also increases the size of your buttocks by stimulating and pushing the glute muscles for a tighter, lifted buttock. 

BootyPop™ Butt-Lifting Oil

  • Besides, clinical trials of the BootyPop Butt-Lifting Oil revealed that women who used it were able to gain 93% plumper and fuller buttocks with continued use.
  • BootyPop Butt-Lifting Oil also offers a safe and non-intrusive cosmetic option. As a result, most ladies are inclined to use this natural method – comes with some form of assurance that the oil is made from natural and pure ingredients.

BootyPop™ Butt-Lifting Oil

BootyPop Butt-Lifting Oil has the following product:


  1. Wash and clean the skin area before you apply the product
  2. Take an appropriate amount of oil and evenly apply a thin layer to the butt and hips area
  3. Gently massage and wait for 5 minutes to dry and let it fully absorb the skin
  4. Massage upwards, downwards, and sideways with a slight pressure while gliding your hands
  5. Use twice a day. Use after bathing for better results.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1/2/5/10pcs x Booty Pop Butt-Lifting Oil
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