Bounzie Curl Boost Defining Cream

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Bounzie Curl Boost Defining Cream



Bouncy Curlie:

Just apply on dry or wet hair to define and hold your curls in place all day.

Revive Curls:

Rebounce, rehydrate, and reactivate dry curls after a long night’s rest – without shampooing!

Instant Volumizing:

Enrich, lift, and plump-up flat, dull tresses while enhancing the appearance of every strand for a fuller, thicker look.

Frizz Control:

Hydrates, conditions and preserves moisture in frizzy, fallen curls.

Works On All Hair Type:

No matter you have dry or oily hair, we work on all hair types.

Immediate Effect & Quick Drying:

Easy moisturizing cream revives the bounce in curls without rewashing, and you can see the effect in just a few secs.

Flexible & Lightweight Curls:

Soften your hair and leaves it styling manageable without product buildup.

How To Use:

Apply on wet or dry curls to moisturize and define.


Ingredients: Argan Oil, Camellia Oil, Cyclopentadienyloxane, Water

Weight: 50ml

Bounzie Curl Boost Defining Cream


1 x Bounzie Curl Boost Defining Cream

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