BrainBlossom Geoboard

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BrainBlossom Geoboard

Skills to blossom:

Color & Shape Recognition | Fine Motor Skill | Imitate Skill | Creativity

Learning 2D shapes and figuring our fractions has never been this easy!

This educational toy is good for kids who love making shapes, letters, designs and struggle with grasp, fine motor, & visual motor skills. The pattern cards contains some geoboard sheets of animals and shapes to give kids an idea of what they can follow and create. It will serve as their guides as they master their skills and create their own shapes and designs later.

✅ Sturdy & Durable: All of the boards felt very firm and secure, hold up well when playing with them. The bands were also strong and wont have any of them break easily. (There may require adult’s direction for 1-3 year old kids)


Age Range: 2~13 Years
Color: Colorful
Include 1: 1x wooden board, 30x pattern cards, A number of latex bands
Size: 7 x 7 x 0.6 in
Material: Sturdy & Durable

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BrainBlossom Geoboard