BrodieKnob Steering Wheel Spinner

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BrodieKnob Steering Wheel Spinner

Spin It Right Round!‚ú®ūüöė‚ú®

Find it difficult to turn the steering without power steering in the car? Hope there’s something to make it easier to turn with only a hand? We may be able to help with this simple yet strong tool!

BrodieKnob Steering Wheel Spinner is the strong steering knob that can assist in turning the steering over without using much force! They are securely locked and kept in place on the steering.

Providing a smooth steering experience, BrodieKnob Steering Wheel Spinner only needs a hand to turn the steering around and it is perfect for people who are struggling with shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, or just simply having a hard time turning their car around. A great steering knob for any driver, it’s like having a strong hand helping out!